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Knee Replacement

US News & World Report Award

Recovery and rehabilitation for conventional knee replacement surgery once meant you would spend months with limited movement before you could be active again.

Now surgeons at the Abington Orthopedic and Spine Institute – Jefferson Health use the most advanced techniques to perform mini-total and mini-partial knee replacements—innovative methods that significantly reduce recovery time yet achieve excellent results.

Our expertise in the latest knee replacement approaches will help you regain comfortable motion more quickly, eliminate your knee pain and return to the activities you love.

Mini-total Knee Replacement

Conventional total knee replacement surgery uses a large 8- to 11-inch incision, cuts the quadriceps muscle and dislocates the knee cap. Recovery can be painful and slow.

By contrast, our surgeons perform minimally invasive mini-total knee surgery, using a smaller incision (5 inches or less). This advanced procedure uses special miniaturized instruments and technological methods that do not cut the quadriceps muscle or dislocate the knee cap in order to implant replacement knee components.

The result is less discomfort during recovery, faster return to normal activities and long-term pain relief for the majority of patients.

Mini-partial Knee Replacement

If your knee arthritis causes pain only on one side of the knee, mini-partial knee replacement offers you several benefits.

In this sophisticated approach, our surgeons use MAKOplasty robotic arm technology to precisely place the knee implant, causing less risk to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. There is less blood loss, with more healthy bone and soft tissue preserved. This provides support and gives the knee a more natural feel during activities. 

Recovery and rehabilitation time with mini-partial knee replacement is dramatically reduced. You may be discharged from the hospital in one to two days. Most patients can walk with a cane in a few days, and begin normal activities, such as driving, within just a few weeks.

Talk with your surgeon at Abington’s Orthopedic & Spine Institute to see which minimally invasive knee replacement procedure is right for you.

Best Knee Replacement Care


Jefferson Abington Hospital was the first teaching hospital in Pennsylvania to have received the prestigious Gold Seal of Approval and Disease-Specific Certification from the Joint Commission for hip and knee replacement. The orthopedic specialists at Jefferson Abington Hospital and Jefferson Lansdale Hospital are your best choice for knee replacement and repair.


Marc and Elyse Satalof

Ending Knee Pain with Advanced Technique

“I made incredible gains in a very short time,” says Marc Satalof, who is active again after double mini-total knee replacement.

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