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Knee Replacement & Repair

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Your knee joints flex, extend and rotate thousands of times each day as you stand, walk and move. Arthritis or injury can cause severe knee pain and loss of mobility,making it difficult for you to work,sleep, play sports, stay active and enjoy life comfortably.

Innovative knee reconstructive techniques can get you moving without pain again. Our orthopedic surgeons are exceptionally skilled in mini-total and mini-partial knee replacement, using minimal (small) incisions that significantly reduce recovery time.

MAKOplasty Robotic Arm

We are proud to offer

robotic arm technology for partial knee replacement

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Through arthroscopic surgery, our specialists also diagnose and repair other knee conditions.

Knee Replacement

Until recently, most reconstructive knee procedures were total knee replacements, using conventional, longer incisions to replace the entire joint with artificial implants.

Surgeons at Abington Orthopedic and Spine Institute – Jefferson Health are performing mini-total knee replacements, using a quadricep-sparing technique and a much smaller incision. When arthritis is limited to one side of the knee, our surgeons offer mini-partial knee replacement. Both of these advanced knee replacement methods help you achieve a shorter recovery and quicker return to normal activities.

ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Repair

Our surgeons also specialize in these treatments for knee conditions:

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction—replacement of injured ligament at center of knee

Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) reconstruction—repair or reconstruction of ligament due to injury

Torn meniscus—removal or repair of cartilage that cushions the space between knee bones

Patella (kneecap) misalignment—procedure to realign kneecap within joint

Baker’s cyst—removal/drainage of a fluid-filled cyst that develops behind the knee due to inflammation or arthritis

Bone fractures—fragments within the knee

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The orthopedic specialists at Jefferson Abington Hospital and Jefferson Lansdale Hospital are your best choice for knee replacement and repair. Jefferson Abington Hospital was the first teaching hospital in Pennsylvania to have received the prestigious Gold Seal of Approval and Disease-Specific Certification from the Joint Commission for hip and knee replacement.


Mark Rickerson

Taking the Stairs No
Problem Now

“People would tell me they could feel my pain just watching me struggle on each step,” says Mark Rickerson, who is climbing stairs easily and making travel plans after double total knee replacement.

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