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What to Expect from Weight Loss Surgery

During your surgery and your post-surgery hospital stay, the weight-loss surgical team will include:

  • Anesthesiologist
  • Surgeon
  • Specially trained operating room staff
  • Critical care staff
  • Specially trained nursing staff
  • Institute for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery support staff

Surgical weight loss operations are only performed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, minimizing the chance of developing post-procedure complications during the weekend. During your in-hospital recovery, specially trained nurses will be particularly vigilant, taking frequent vital signs and closely monitoring you on our dedicated surgical weight loss unit.

After Weight Loss Surgery: A Lifetime of Support

Weight loss surgery is just the initial step. Following discharge, patients receive lifetime follow-up and support. During the first year, you will be seen at least six times by your surgeon and/or nutritionist. Afterward, you will meet with them once a year and undergo annual laboratory screenings.

We also view our patients as part of our ever-growing family. That's why all of our patients join the monthly support group. We try to make meetings comfortable, interesting and enjoyable, with educational topics and guest speakers, as well as fun social affairs. Anyone, including patients from other practices or those who've previously had weight-loss surgery elsewhere, is welcome to attend support group meetings. You do not need to call to sign up.

Underscoring the fact that it's a family affair, patients also are assigned a "Bypass Angel": a patient who's already gone through the surgery and is anxious to keep in touch with you to help you become another success story-before and after your surgery. Eventually, it's our hope that you will become another "Bypass Angel"; helping others make the same healthy, happy journey.