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Partnering with You

You're just as much a member of your health care team as your doctors and nurses are. You play a vital role in helping us deliver the best health care possible to you and your family. In the "Partnering with You" section are a series of tips and ways that you can contribute to excellent health care.

Taking an Active Role in Your
Hospital Stay

The Admission Process

  • Bring a family member, friend or caregiver with you during the hospital admission process.
  • Be prepared to share your medical history.
  • Bring a list of all medications including dosage and frequency of both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, or bring the medications themselves.
  • Ask questions about your hospital stay.
  • Discuss your preferences in advance. Bring documents regarding advance directives, living wills and durable health care powers of attorney.
  • Be prepared and bring along your insurance information.

The Hospital Stay

  • Understand your medical condition by speaking to your nurses, physicians and other health care personnel about the care you receive.
  • Describe all symptoms and/or pain clearly.
  • Understand any new medications that you take during your hospital stay.
  • Always request assistance when getting out of bed.
  • Speak up if a situation feels unsafe or seems out of the ordinary.
  • Remind all caregivers to wash their hands or use alcohol hand rinse.

The Discharge Process

  • Have a family member, friend or caregiver with you to review your discharge instructions.
  • Be sure that you understand all discharge medication orders.
  • Make sure all your questions are answered.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

After using the services of Jefferson Health – Abington, you may receive a patient survey in the mail. We encourage you to complete the survey and provide honest feedback about your experience. Helping to identify areas of improvement or acknowledging positive experiences is another way you can become a partner in your health care.

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