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Financial Assistance Program

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Retroactive to March 18, 2020, and consistent with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, health plans are to provide coverage, without member cost-sharing requirements, for any COVID-19 diagnostic testing and certain directly related items and services. Please note that federal guidance about these new laws was issued mid-April, so if you believe your COVID-19-related claim was incorrectly processed, please contact your plan’s Member Services to have your claim reprocessed. The test price is $128.

Financial Counseling Program
Abington – Jefferson Health
Widener Bldg - First Floor Admissions Department
1200 Old York Road
Abington, PA 19001

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Important Information for Patients who are Uninsured or UnderinsuredFinancial Assistance Images

Abington – Jefferson Health is proud of its mission to provide quality medical care to all patients. That means ensuring that you and your family have access to health care no matter what your circumstances. The following information describes our generous financial assistance program for patients who are uninsured or experience gaps in their insurance plans. If you do not have health insurance and worry that you may not be able to pay for your care, we may be able to help.

This policy applies to patients served by:

What if I need emergency care but don't have insurance?

First and foremost, patients seeking emergency care shall be treated without regard for their ability to pay for such services.

What’s covered under the Financial Assistance Program?

All medically necessary services are eligible for financial assistance.

It is not the intent of this policy to provide free or discounted care to patients who have health insurance with balances due to copays, deductibles or coinsurance unless a financial hardship is demonstrated. Certain services not medically necessary (such as elective cosmetic surgery) are priced at packaged rates with no additional discounts and all payments associated with such services are expected prior to or at the time of service.

Do I qualify?

You may qualify for financial assistance if:

  • You do not have insurance or your insurance does not cover the medical care needed (for example, you have used up your insurance benefits).
  • You are not eligible for government or other insurance coverage.
  • You are not eligible for Pennsylvania state medical assistance or other assistance programs.
  • Your family income is less than 500% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).
  • You live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware or you received emergency care at Abington Hospital or Abington - Lansdale Hospital and live in another state.

How much of a discount will I be eligible to receive?

Eligibility for our Financial Assistance Program is based upon financial need.

  • If your household income falls between 0% - 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, based on total household income, with supporting documentation provided, you will receive a 100% discount and owe nothing for the services received.
  • Patients above the 300% threshold, up to a maximum of 500% of the FPL, are eligible for a sliding scale discount. These discounts are based upon the Medicare fee-for-service rates in place at the time of determination.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

Contact Abington – Jefferson Health’s Financial Counseling Program at 215-481-2185. A financial counselor will help you determine if you are eligible for government-sponsored programs, and can offer assistance with the Health Insurance Exchange and other insurance coverage.

If you don’t qualify for other coverage, you will need to complete a Financial Assistance Application and include all necessary supporting documents.

How long is the financial assistance available?

Once financial assistance has been approved, it is effective for all outstanding patient accounts incurred during the past two years and for all services provided within 12 months after the application is signed. When you have completed the application process and have been approved, you will receive an eligibility card with an expiration date.

What documents will I need to provide to qualify?

  • Proof of your address (Driver’s license, utility bills, etc.)
  • Proof of your date of birth
  • Proof of income (copy of most recent income tax documents)
  • Copy of checking account statements
  • Record of assets (stocks, bonds, rental property, bank accounts, CD’s)
  • Unemployment compensation determination Letter
  • Other documents may be required

Are doctor’s office visit services discounted under this financial assistance policy?

Physician providers ARE NOT included in the Financial Assistance Policy. However, for emergency and other medically necessary healthcare services provided by Abington Hospital or Abington - Lansdale Hospital, these providers will honor the policy as it relates to the hospital-based professional services only, and only for the rate approved through the hospital application process.

What if I’m not eligible for financial assistance or don’t want to supply all necessary supporting financial documents?

If you’re not eligible, the “Uninsured Fee Schedule” will apply for hospital inpatient and outpatient services, and you will be responsible for the remaining open balances.

For uninsured patients, there is an automatic initial discount which shall equate to 115% of the Medicine Fee schedule.

Please note that the uninsured fee schedule does not apply to bills for physician or urgent care services.

Patients may also be eligible to apply for long-term, interest-free loans to cover bills. For more information, contact the Financial Counseling Program.

Financial Counseling Program


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