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Pastoral Care - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Patients and Family Members

How do I contact a chaplain?

At Jefferson Abington Hospital, please call 215-481-2700. 

At Jefferson Lansdale Hospital, please call 215-361-4417.

Are clergy notified when a patient is admitted to the hospital?

Clergy are not notified when a patient from their congregation is admitted to the hospital. However, when patients are admitted, they are asked to indicate their religious affiliation, if any, and if they consent to having their name and affiliation appear on a spiritual care visitation listing. Properly credentialed clergy and congregational visitors have access to this list for the specific and limited purpose of locating the members of their congregations. This list could prompt a visit from someone representing your place of worship or religion affiliation.

Are prayer booklets, spiritual care literature and holy books available?

Yes. The Pastoral Care Departments at both hospitals maintain a limited supply of spiritual care literature, prayer booklets, bibles and holy books that can be borrowed by patients during their hospital stay.

Frequently Asked Questions for Members of the Clergy

Do the hospitals provide clergy identification badges?

At Jefferson Abington Hospital, clergy and faith group leaders who frequently visit in the hospital are provided with community clergy identification badges. By calling the pastoral care office (215-481-2700), arrangements can be made for the completion of the clergy record form which clergy members bring to the security/parking office for a photograph where the identification badge will be issued.

All clergy visiting Jefferson Lansdale Hospital should report to the Human Resources department where they will be issued clergy ID Cards.

Where do clergy park when visiting patients at the hospital?

At Jefferson Abington Hospital, clergy are encouraged to park in the hospital’s public garages.  At Jefferson Lansdale Hospital, reserved parking for visiting clergy is available in the front and back parking lots.

Where are the pastoral care services offices for Jefferson Abington Hospital and Jefferson Lansdale Hospital located?

The Pastoral Care Services office at Jefferson Abington Hospital is located on the second floor of the Widener Building adjacent to the elevators.  At Jefferson Lansdale Hospital the office is located in the Volunteer Office.