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Leaving the Hospital

Physicians will advise patients when they are ready to leave the hospital. On the day of departure, you are requested to leave by 10 a.m. so that we may prepare for arriving patients. If that's not possible, patients or their physicians may make arrangements with the nursing staff.

A little advance planning will help ensure a smooth departure. For instance, most belongings and flowers or other gifts should be sent ahead the day before discharge.

On the day a patient leaves the hospital, payment is due for charges for which patients are responsible, including telephone costs and insurance deductibles. At Jefferson Abington Hospital, payments are made at the Cashier's Office on the ground floor, Widener Building (Shorday Atrium). At Jefferson Lansdale Hospital, a Patient Access representative will visit patients on the day of discharge to discuss their bills and accept payment. Payments may also be made at Outpatient Registration, off the hospital’s main lobby at the main entrance.


Patients are responsible for ensuring that someone meets you and provides transportation on the day you leave. If any problems are anticipated with transportation, please let your physician or nurse or social worker know as soon as possible.

Outpatient Pharmacy

For your convenience, the Alliance Pharmacy, ground floor, Buerger Building, can fill prescriptions before leaving the hospital.

Assistance in Discharge Planning

The many changes that have occurred in health care in past years are most evident in the hospital or "acute care" setting. While Jefferson Health – Abington and its staff and physicians feel the pressure of change, the real impact is felt most significantly by our patients and their family members.

We encourage you and your family members to be active members of the treatment team, and would like to enlist your help in the following ways:

  • If you have information that would help us treat you more effectively, please share that information with your physician and nurse.
  • A case management nurse or social worker will be assigned to work with patients who will need services after hospitalization (skilled nursing facilities, personal care homes, in-home services and so on). These staff members have been asked to begin the discharge planning process at or shortly after admission to the hospital. Please assist our staff in planning for your post-hospital care.
  • If you or a family member is having trouble coping with your illness at the same time as assisting in planning for after care, please let us know. We have staff available to assist with these varying demands.

Everyone at Jefferson Health – Abington is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of services that we provide. If there is anything we can do to improve discharge planning services, please contact the Case Management Department at 215-481-2722 (Jefferson Abington Hospital) or 215-361-4596 (Jefferson Lansdale Hospital).

Hospital Survey

After your hospital stay, you may receive a patient survey in the mail. We encourage you to complete the survey and provide honest feedback about your hospital experience. Helping to identify areas of improvement or acknowledge positive experiences is another way you can become a partner in your health care.