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Self-Pay Visit Prices

Most insurance plans are accepted. Our self-pay prices make healthcare affordable to those without insurance or those who have insurance the Urgent Care Center does not accept.

Self-Pay Visits

Basic Visit $99
Moderate Visit $119
Complex Visit $139
Labs, x-rays, tests, procedures, supplies and vaccines are additional to visit cost.

Medical Tests

Coumadin Check (PT/INR) $25
Urine Analysis $25
Strep Throat Test (Rapid Strep) $25
Blood Sugar Test $10
Urine Pregnancy Test $25
Renal Function/Electrolytes
Hemoglobin/Hematocrit Test
Mononucleosis Test $25
Peak Flow Test $10
X-ray (per study) $70

Physical Exams

School/Sport Physical $60
Pre-employment Physical $60
Drivers License/Permit Physical $60
DOT/CDL Physical (please call ahead)
Includes Urine Analysis
PPD (Tb test) with Interpretation $35
Extra Physical Forms (at time of visit) $10


Quadrivalent Flu (during flu season) $39
High-Dose Flu (during flu season) $60
Tetanus Shot (Td) $50


Wound Closure/Repair (simple) $100
Wound Closure Repair (complex) $225
Incision and Drainage (simple) $100
Incision and Drainage (complex requiring closure) $225
Nebulizer Treatment $50
Ear Wax Removal $100
Splinting (simple) $50
Splinting (complex) $100


Crutches $40
Surgical Boots $20


The price for medications will be determined at time of visit based on patient's presenting symptoms.