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Umbilical Hernia Repair

Surgical repair of umbilical hernias may be safely repaired as an outpatient procedure, similar to repairs of inguinal, femoral, recurrent and incisional hernias. Our mini-incision technique requires only mild sedation and local anesthesia (avoiding risks of general anesthesia) for most patients.  Our patients are walking on their own shortly after surgery and are discharged after approximately one to two hours.

Generally, surgeons make very small incisions (about two inches or less), near the umbilical area. These incisions are designed to be mostly hidden within the normal concave contour of the navel, which is returned to its natural desired inverted shape after surgery. 

Tension Free

For most common umbilical hernias, surgeons utilize a "Tension Free" repair procedure. A specially designed sterile mesh is carefully inserted beneath the hernia to close and repair the defect. This mesh extends well beyond the edges of the defect to reduce pressure on the hernia, at the same time reinforcing the entire area. Over time, tissue grows into the mesh and it becomes incorporated into the muscle wall. It is then undetectable and flexible enough to conform with activity. The mesh is naturally held in place without tension. Sutures, staples or tacks are not utilized in this repair method. Since the mesh is underneath the muscle layer, not on top, it is not detectable by patients. The intestines are fully protected by a natural membrane (called the peritoneum) that exists between the under-surface of the muscle and the intestine. This membrane is positioned between the inserted mesh and the intestine so there is no concern about adhesions or intestinal injury.

Surgeons at North Penn Surgical Associates perform various advanced Tension-Free repair techniques commonly in use today, and utilize many diverse mesh systems. We individually select the precise mesh product (selecting the precise size, shape, configuration and manufacturer) at the time of surgery that is best suited for each hernia. Our expertise in both routine and complex hernia surgery assures that all of our patients receive the most satisfactory, safest and importantly the most effective repair available.

Tailored to the Patient

Our surgeons tailor the repair procedure specifically to the individual need of each patient. This expertise in both routine and complex umbilical hernia surgery assures that all of our patients receive the safest and most effective repair available.

Recovery is rapid and pain is minimal since muscles are not cut and are neither pulled together nor sewn under tension. Post-operative restrictions are few, if any, and our patients can actually return to their normal activity in a short period of time.

The advanced repair techniques we utilize are associated with a low risk of recurrence for umbilical and recurrent umbilical hernias.

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