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First Prenatal Visit Checklist

At your first prenatal visit, the nurse will review the appointments and tests that you need to schedule:

1. Choose your facility

The lab you choose will depend on your insurance. Check with your insurance carrier to determine where to go.

  • Payment Information
  • If you have an HMO and your primary care provider is not affiliated with Abington, you will need to contact the primary care physician, and establish where they send patients for radiology studies. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • If you can have your study completed here call 215-481-EXAM (3926) to schedule an appointment.

2. Have your labs drawn within two weeks

3. Schedule your next visit in four weeks.

4. A care provider will determine if an ultrasound is indicated between 6-10 weeks.

  • To schedule ultrasound appointments call 215-481-EXAM (3926).

5. Schedule the Sequential Screen test between 10 weeks and five days and 13 weeks and six days. This test is optional.

The Sequential Screen is an optional screening test used to screen for various conditions, including Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18 and neural tube defects. The test is performed at the Abington Fetal Diagnostic Center located in the Levy Medical Plaza at 1245 Old York Road, Suite 119 (across from Abington Hospital.) The Levy Medical Plaza is accessible from Abington Hospital via the Levy Link. Please call 215-481-4944 to schedule an appointment.

There are further testing options available for those women who will be over 35 years of age on their due date. Please call your physician's office with any questions.

6. To complete the sequential screen, blood should be drawn again between 16 and 18 weeks.

7. Complete the registration packet and return to Abington Hospital by 20 weeks.