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Published on May 06, 2020

Healthcare Hero Lends a Helping Hand with Patient's Car Difficulties

Brian Paiba, security guard, Abington Hospital - Jefferson Health

Throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, employees in the healthcare industry have been labeled as ‘Healthcare Heroes.’  At Abington – Jefferson Health, our employees strive to help patients, colleagues and the local community in keeping with their mission to improve lives.

One employee in particular reflected our values of Put People First, Be Bold and Think Differently, and Do the Right Thing, no matter the circumstances of the current public health crisis.

In mid-March, Abington – Jefferson Health opened the first COVID-19 testing site in the region in the parking lot of Levy Medical Plaza. A monumental day for the organization, it was also a memorable day for Brian Paiba, a security guard at Abington Hospital.

The testing process is conducted without patients leaving their vehicle. Once a patient arrives at the testing site, the patient is directed by security to a parking spot. Patients stay in their vehicles as physicians and nurses come to the vehicle to administer the COVID-19 test.

As Paiba was adjusting to the new process and routines of the testing site, he encountered a couple having trouble with their vehicle. The patients had just completed the COVID-19 test and were preparing to leave, only to realize their car would not start. At first glance, Paiba thought it was a problem with their car battery.

Before the testing site opened, Chuck Payne, director of Public Safety, Emergency Management, Abington – Jefferson Health, brought a battery jumper box to the testing site in case a patient encountered this type of situation. Once Paiba retrieved the battery jumper box, he and Gerard Cleary, DO, chief of staff, chief medical officer and senior vice president at Abington – Jefferson Health, attempted to jump the car. Both ensured they were wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintained the recommended social distancing while aiding the patients.

“I didn’t care what sickness they were being tested for. I was concerned for them and wanted to help in any way I could,” Paiba said. As the patients were sick and sat in their car for a long period of time due to the test and car struggles, Paiba supplied them with water bottles to ensure they stayed hydrated.

Once the tow truck arrived, Paiba provided the patients with information on how to contact his dispatch number in case they needed any additional help. “At the end of the day, we are all human beings and should help one another whenever we can,” Paiba emphasizes.

Heroes are ready to answer the call for help. One act of kindness can make a difference in not only your life, but other’s lives as well. Abington – Jefferson Health employees are prepared to help our patients, colleagues and the community in any way we can during this challenging time.

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