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About Our Childbirth Classes- Information for New Parents

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Abington Hospital - Jefferson Health
Abington, PA

Frequently asked questions can be found here. If you have additional questions about our classes, please e-mail our Lead Childbirth Educator, Amy at


Abington Jefferson’s first priority is the safety of you and your baby, we are canceling classes, support groups and tours until further notice. We are making every effort to prevent any possible spread of coronavirus to our patients. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Childbirth Education at: 215-481-6800.

Congratulations! This is a very exciting time to prepare for the birth of your baby and parenting journey. Prenatal and Childbirth classes help build your confidence in your bodies ability to give birth. Many couples share that the classes helped to ease their anxiety and feel more prepared for their birth as they had the ability to ask questions, use hands on learning and take a book home for future reference. This information will help you to plan.

It is best to complete your classes as early as possible as winter weather related concerns can cause a class to be cancelled or rescheduled. You will want to allow time for this possibility to reschedule a class.

  • Does insurance cover class fees?
    • Every insurance policy is different. Please call your insurance representative to find out what is covered with your policy. 
    • Did you know that many insurance companies will reimburse part or all of your class fees? And prenatal yoga may be covered under a health benefit?
    • We do not accept insurance for classes. Expectant parents submit for reimbursement of class fees through their insurance. If needed, we can provide a receipt of payment, certificate of attendance or your educator can sign an insurance form in your class is that is required.
    • Read each class description as we do offer promo discount codes for certain classes for bundling classes or taking a series.
    • Expectant mothers who receive prenatal care and will deliver at Abington Jefferson Health who have state assisted insurance can inquire about classes that are covered by e-mailing
  • When should I register for classes?
    • We suggest registering for classes in your second trimester after your 22nd week so that you are completing any class or Tour between 32 & 36 weeks gestation (weeks into your pregnancy)
    • This allows flexibility should you need to reschedule your class.
    • You will want time to rest and review the materials received in your classes. Completing your classes before 36 weeks is optimal and allows you time to rest and review before your deliver.
    • Classes tend to fill up quickly. The sooner you register, the more options you have to choose from.
    • Always allow for unforeseen concerns such as weather related issues that would cause a class to be cancelled or rescheduled. It is always best to allow a cushion of time for rescheduling a class if needed.
  • Class confirmation are e-mailed to the e-mail address used in your registration
    • You will receive an initial e-mail that confirms your have registered for a class or event.
    • Check your e-mail for additional information on class before it is held. An e-mail with additional information on your class location and what to bring will be sent to you anywhere from 1-7 days prior to the event. These are sent BCC (blind carbon copy) and may go to your spam e-mail.
    • Do not wait until the day or evening of your class to confirm the time and location. our office is not staffed after regular office hours to answer questions about class locations. 
  • Class Location and cancellation policy
    • Caring for Baby, Breastfeeding 1 and 2, Weeknight/2-evening Childbirth classes, Sibling Prep, Infant Massage and Baby Basics classes are all held at 2510 Maryland Road in Willow Grove in our Willowood Building on the Ground Floor. However, please check your confirmation e-mail as the location may change from your original registration location.
    • The Labor and Delivery Tour, CPR Anytime, Dad Lab, Becoming Dads and Moms and Weekend Childbirth classes are all held on the main hospital campus unless otherwise indicated on your confirmation e-mail.
    • There is a 72 hour cancellation policy for classes. If you find you are unable to attend your class, please e-mail our Lead Childbirth Educator and we will assist you in available class dates to transfer your registration.
    • A class will show as closed or full once it has filled to capacity. If you find a class date that shows as closed or full that interests you, please e-mail us to inquire about a wait list or possible openings we may have when other couples move their original class dates.
  • Which classes should I take?
    • This is a question that many new couples ask. We have many classes to offer with a variety of scheduling options to help meet your needs.
    • We suggest that first time parents attend a Childbirth, Caring for Baby and Breastfeeding class. You will find a promo code in the class descriptions to save $15 when you "bundle" all 3 classes in the same transaction.
    • We offer many classes for before and after your delivery. Taking some time to review all of the options will help you to decide what is best for your needs. Please e-mail our Lead Childbirth Educator if you have any questions.
    • Most insurance companies will reimburse some or even all of you class fees.
    • Attending the Tour does not cover the material in the classes.
  •  Childbirth Classes
    • Will assist you in preparing for your labor experience. An RN,Certified Childbirth Educator will teach your class and answer your questions.
    • Our classes will cover in-depth information about  labor and birth physiology and provide a book with color photos and easy to follow reference information. Our books are used in conjunction with videos, discussion, practicing breathing and relaxation techniques.
    • Your Childbirth Educator will show your partner how to offer a massage to use in labor, discuss the role of the labor support person, the stages of labor, when to come to the hospital, comfort measures to assist you during labor, hospital practices and much more to prepare you for your birth experience.
    • We discuss non-pharmaceutical pain relief options and  such as breathing, relaxation, positions using a yoga ball and our peanut balls. Medical options are also discussed and include the  epidural for pain relief.
    • Both vaginal and cesarean deliveries are discussed along with recovery from childbirth known as the post partum period.
  • CPR 
    • We are pleased to offer 2 CPR options for parents and families.
    • Anyone who cares for a child should be knowledgeable in CPR.
    • Our Infant CPR Anytime and Child/Adult CPR Anytime classes are time sensitive- they are about 2 hours long.
    • These are not full certification classes. They provide you with an inflatable CPR manikin and DVD for you to take home to practice and share with friends and family.
    • Infant CPR covers techniques used on newborns through 12 months of age.
    • Child/Adult CPR covers techniques used on anyone age 1 year through adult.
  • Breastfeeding 1
    • The best plan is to be prepared and attend a Breastfeeding class that shares information you will need to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals.
    • Our class provides a book for you to use as a reference after the class. Our books include color photographs and links to short videos to assist you after you attend our class.
    • We discuss common concerns and, very importantly, where you can get support and help with breastfeeding questions. 3/4 of breastfeeding moms will have a question or need help after they are home with a newborn. This class will cover where to find assistance, what to expect and other important support.
    • It is very important that new moms receive support while breastfeeding. We welcome spouses, partners and support persons as we will discuss how you can help mom.
    • You do not need to attend Breastfeeding 1 before Breastfeeding 2
    • "This class gave me the confidence to breastfeed" is a common response on our class evaluations.
  • Breastfeeding 2
    • This class covers information on choosing a breast pump, how they work and information on how to help you choose one that best suits your needs.
    • Whether you are returning to work or simply want to know more about breast pumps, milk storage and how a pump works, this class is for you.
    • We provide a packet of handouts with tips on returning to work, breast pump basics, guidelines on cleaning your pump parts and review a DVD on pumping and returning to work.
    • You do not need to take Breastfeeding 1 before you attend Breastfeeding 2.
    • We do not discuss breast pumps in Class 1.
  • Caring for Baby
    • How to diaper, swaddle, burp, hold, provide umbilical cord care, perform a sponge bath, discuss safe sleeping and basic newborn care. All of this is discussed and demonstrated using newborn sized dolls. We provide 2 dolls for each couple to practice on during this class.
    • You will receive a book with color photos on newborn care, developmental milestones, safety information and much more.
    • We review a DVD of newborn care.
    • Grandparents are welcome to register to attend if they would like to review care of a newborn baby.
  • Infant Massage
    • Babies receive many benefits when parents and caregivers offer them a massage.
    • There are different techniques that help with stretching, relieving gas and aiding in digestion, helping a baby to sleep and relax.
    • Many new parents relay to healthcare providers that they want to know ways to interact with  a newborn, help soothe them and offer tummy time. Massage offers this and both parents, grandparents and caregivers will benefit from knowing how to provide the massage.
    • A book is provided. We review an instructional DVD then review the techniques. 
    • You can attend this class before or after your baby is born.
  • Baby Basics with Our Pediatrician
    • Our Chair of Pediatrics attends this class with a Childbirth Educator. They present a power point review of common concerns including how to choose a pediatric care provider, feeding choices, safety, care in the hospital- what tests are performed, expectations of being a new parent, safe sleep guidelines, immunizations and more.
    • This is a special class that does not replace our other classes. We do not review any DVDs or provide a book. There are no hands on practicing of newborn care in this class.
    • You are welcome to bring your questions to ask during our open forum Q&A after the lecture.
    • Grandparents are welcome to join you for this class.
  • Prenatal Yoga
    • Many expecting moms would like to learn gentle stretches and movements to assist with their changing body during pregnancy.
    • Our certified prenatal yoga instructor welcomes you to join her in a monthly class that is just for pregnant mothers. You do not need to have any prior yoga experience to attend but you do need the waiver form completed by your OB office before your first class.
  • Dad Lab and Becoming Dads and Moms 
    • Becoming Dads and Moms is a group facilitated by a Licensed Certified Social Worker where couples discuss how becoming parents will change your relationship.
    • Dad Lab is a group for dads to attend both before and after the birth of your child. Meeting other fathers, hearing shared concerns and talking about your experiences are just a few of the great things that happen in a Dad Lab group. Mike Hardy, RN and father of 2 will facilitate Dad Lab. 
  • Baby Talk and Mommies and Munchkins 
    • Baby Talk is a daytime group that meets several mornings a month for moms and their babies.
    • Mommies and Munchkins is an evening group that is perfect for moms who have returned to work.
    • We learn from one another, meet friends and gain support from one another in        these special groups

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Ongoing Event

See event details for scheduling information.

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  • Abington Hospital - Jefferson Health
    1200 Old York Rd
    Abington, PA 19001