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Practice Management Objectives and Responsibilities

  1. This is an upper year longitudinal rotation designed for the residents to further develop their outpatient skills and to increase their familiarity with practice management concepts and techniques.
  2. During this rotation, the resident will attend lectures/presentations 3 to 4 times a month in the Family Medicine Center.
  3. Third year residents will meet with the Practice Management faculty advisor in July to review required readings and projects for this rotation.  Each resident is expected to cover the readings in the AAFP handout entitled "Practice Management for Family Medicine Residents.”  A list of additional readings in Practice Management will be available for the resident to review during this time period and the Family Medicine faculty maintains an extensive collection of resources.
  4. The resident will become familiar with the recommended curricular objectives of the AAFM for Practice Management, which are included elsewhere in this handbook.
  5. Each resident at every level of training will be assigned and participate in quality improvement teams.
  6. Residents will receive quarterly reports on individual productivity and overall office productivity.
  7. All residents will participate in the office committee to help improve the quality and safety of care for our patients.