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PEDS Nursery Objectives

  1. First year residents on pediatrics have the primary responsibility for providing patient care in both the Well-Baby Nursery, and pediatric floor.
  2. Newborn Well Baby Nursery Responsibilities:
    • Family Medicine Residents are responsible for the care of all the newborns on the Chief’s Newborn Service in conjunction with the nurse practitioners.  These patients consist of those babies who have no assigned private primary care physician.  The attending for the Chief's Service is a member of the hospital’s Neonatology Division.  Any questions or problems on the Chief's Service are technically the responsibility of the pediatrician assigned to the service that week.
    • It is the residents' responsibility to make daily rounds Monday through Friday on all Chief's Service newborns in the nursery.  If there is no nurse practitioner coverage on the weekend, then rounds will need to occur Saturday and Sunday. These rounds are to include a complete initial evaluation within 24 hours of birth, daily exams with computerized progress notes, and a full discharge exam and summary completed on the newborn information form and front sheet of the chart as well as anticipatory guidance to be provided to parents.
    • Daily rounds with the babies’ parents are considered to be an integral part of the nursery experience.
    • Residents will be available for urgent problems for private attendings' newborns in the nurseries.
    • Plan should be discussed with Nursing daily (am & pm).
    • Teaching rounds may include evaluation of other newborns not on the Chief’s Service.  Attendance is critical and should be relayed to the floor/Nemours duPont Pediatric attending that they are occurring.
  3. Newborn Nursery Service: Tuesdays at 8:30 on 4L nursery.
    • Residents on the pediatrics team will meet with a neonatology attending Tuesdays at 8:30 A.M. in the 4L nursery. Residents are expected to prepare an NNS list of all the newborns with their clinical information prior to meeting the attending.
    • Residents will examine 3-4 newborns and be prepared to present the babies to the attending so bedside rounds may be conducted.
    • Residents will assist with writing of the daily note for the newborns the round on.


  • PEDS Nursery Objectives