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Family Medicine Service Rotation Objectives And Responsibilities

  1. During the FMS rotation, the all resident’s will spend one afternoon a week in the Family Medicine Center and the remainder of the time will be spent caring for inpatients assigned to the Family Medicine Service under the supervision of an upper year Family Medicine Resident and FM attending physician.
  2. During this block the residents will be responsible for a complete History and Physical, including a diagnostic and therapeutic plan.  The admission and any admitting orders should be reviewed with the upper year resident and the attending.  The same should be done for consultations to the Family Medicine Service.
  3. The R1 is required to participate in daily work rounds with the upper year resident and all attending teaching rounds.  A commitment will be made to consistency of inpatient rounding to begin at 10:30 a.m. and end promptly at 12:15 p.m.
  4. The R1 is expected to carry at least 5 patients per day as the census allows.
  5. The R1 is expected to attend the regularly scheduled Family Medicine conferences unless patient care responsibilities otherwise interfere.
  6. The weekend coverage will include 2 residents for every day shift.
  7. Any admission of an AFM patient should include a call on admission to their primary care physician (resident or attending) to help coordinate issues on admission.  The in-patient team will stay in touch with the patient’s primary care physician during the patient’s hospital stay.  The team needs to contact the primary physician again on discharge to coordinate care.  It is encouraged that all AFM physicians visit their patients during their admission.
  8. Dictations need to be done promptly.  All resident physicians on the team will do dictations.  Dictations that are not done within the allotted (2 weeks) time will go to a dictation service to be done.  The fee for this dictation will be covered by the resident that was responsible for the dictation.
  9. All daily R1 notes will be reviewed by the upper year residents, who will also add an addendum to the note.
  10. All AFM patients will have a visit scheduled for follow up within 7 days.  The team will coordinate obtaining an appointment.  All AFM patients will have a  “Transition of Care” phone encounter placed in the electronic ambulatory health record prior to discharge as well.
  11. All AFM patients need an ECW note on discharge from the hospital to allow the physician seeing the patient in follow up to have a summary of the patient’s hospital course.