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Geriatrics: Core Curriculum

The specific knowledge that will be covered in the 1 block rotation in geriatrics for the senior residents will include:

  1. Aspects of preventive medicine including nutrition, exercise, screening and immunization for disease.
  2. Geriatric assessment including cognitive and functional assessment; use of screening tools for mental function; depression, ADL’s (activities of daily living) and IADL’s (instrumental activities of daily living).
  3. Cognitive impairment, including dementia and delirium.
  4. Urinary incontinence – types, w/u, treatment.
  5. Osteoporosis – prevention and treatment.
  6. Falls – epidemiology.
  7. Depression – diagnosis; treatment.
  8. Pharmacology and aging – altered pharmacokinetics, adverse drug reactions.
  9. Ethical issues, advance directives, living will, power of attorney and durable power of attorney.
  10. Rehabilitation – assistive devices.
  11. Pre-operative and perio-operative assessment of the elderly patient.
  12. Caregivers; community resources.
  13. Hypertension in the elderly.
  14. Physiologic changes with aging.
  15. Medicare, health care reimbursement.
  16. Independent care visits.

Individual medical topics and their relation to aging will be discussed during rounds.