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Emergency Trauma Center Rotation Responsibilities

  1. Residents will be scheduled in the ETC in conjunction with the ETC physicians.  Residents will have 3 shifts per week; at least 1 of which is in the MAC.
  2. Residents in the ETC work under the supervision of the ETC attending physicians and must present and discuss all patients to them prior to their discharge.  It is expected that they will perform an appropriate History and Physical and evaluation of the patient's presenting problem and be ready to discuss a treatment plan with the supervising physician.
  3. Residents will be scheduled for one half day of office hours during this rotation.
  4. Prior to the rotation, residents should read chapters on procedure in the ER as recommended by the ETC rotation director.  Chapters to be read are listed in the book.
  5. Residents need a total of 200 hours of ETC experience as a resident and 20 shifts.
  6. Residents attend all conferences during this month unless cleared with Chief Residents.