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Ann Peff, MD 

Students Rotating in Internal Medicine at Abington

Mandatory Orientation

On the first day of a scheduled rotation, all students are asked to observe the following schedule. If a school class meeting conflicts with this schedule, please contact your respective school clerkship director's office for an alternative time. Please contact Ms. Gail Cagnetti (215-481-4350) if you have any questions prior to your arrival. See directions and a map.

  • Who:
  • When:
    • 8 a.m. (first day of rotation)
    • 7 a.m. (rest of rotation)
  • Where:
    • Suite 2B Elkins Building (2nd floor), Department of Internal Medicine.
  • Parking: 
    • Scully Garage. (On the first day, park here and bring your ticket in for a day pass)You will be assigned a garage parking spot at another location. A $10.00 refundable deposit for your parking permit is required. Continuing to park in Levy may result in a ticket.
  • Attire:
    • Please arrive ready for work in business attire. Abington has a strict clothing policy. You will be caring for patients and working with professionals. 
    • Men: White coat, dress shirt and tie or sweater, closed toed shoes, no denim
    • Women: White coat, slacks, skirts (hemlines at knee level or below), blouses/sweaters with appropriate coverage, closed toed shoes, no denim
  • Schedule:
    • On arrival, a 30 minute meeting with Ms. Cagnetti will cover general information. Computer training follows. A booklet with information specific to your rotation will be distributed
    • Dr. Peff will do a clinical orientation on your 2nd day at Abington
    • Your day will start around 7am and conclude around 5pm on most days.
  • Meals:
    • Food is usually provided for all AMH residents at morning report and noon conferences. Rotating students in the section of internal medicine are expected to attend all morning reports and all noon conferences. Microwaves are available in the cafeteria and in the department office area. A small refrigerator is available as well in the department area. Food may also be purchased at a reasonable price in the Abington cafeteria.
  • Attendance:

    Gail Cagnetti

    • If for some reason you are unable to be present on a day during your rotation, you must contact Ms. Gail Cagnetti immediately. You should also make an attempt to contact your team (upper level resident preferably). If it is a planned absence, you must complete a form (obtain from Ms. Cagnetti), have it signed by your attending, Dr. Peff, and Ms. Cagnetti prior to your absence.