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Internal Medicine Resident Testimonials

"Abington is home away from home. It is comfortable and welcoming. It is a place of fond memories and friendships.  It has contributed immensely in my development as a clinician, scholar, teacher and person. Having spent the last 5 years at Abington, I feel that I am a better person and physician having been there."

– Bilal Lashari, Categorical Graduate 2018

Bilal Lashari

"'A beautiful amalgamation where the virtues of different cultures are thriving in one residency program'. From faculty dedicated to residents' teaching, closely supervised training, research opportunities, and mentorship, Abington has everything to offer that an ideal training program would have. To me what makes this place really special is the culture of support, respect, and mutual understanding where residents come from different cultural backgrounds and become part of this tightly knit Abington Family. It has contributed a lot to my growth as a person, physician, and educator. I could not think of a better place to train myself in medicine and would pick Abington again AND AGAIN."

– Sohaib Roomi, Categorical Graduate 2021

Sohaib Roomi

"In one word, Abington means family to me. At Abington I undoubtedly received a great education and developed a solid foundation in Internal Medicine. But I received more than just that during my three years. I made friends that will last me a lifetime and mentors that I'll continue to keep in touch with throughout my career. It was also a place of firsts for me; where I put in my first real orders, where I was first referred to as "Doc" and where I had my first real job. It's a place of comfort for me, and it'll always have a special place in my heart."

– Lakshmi Kolandra, Categorical Graduate 2020

Lakshmi Kolandra

"What lies beneath the exterior of what is undoubtedly an educational residency program at Jefferson Abington Hospital is the warmth of the people that make up its interior. Not only have I developed valuable mentorships with faculty members and peers, I have made friendships that will last me a lifetime. While residency is challenging regardless of where the training occurs, Abington offered an environment where I felt supported, cared for and respected every day. As such, I believe that this allows a trainee the time and space to blossom into a well-rounded diagnostician. I was lucky enough to complete my Residency and Chief Residency here. Without stopping to catch my breath (as a Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellow), I would tell you that I would do it all-over again, right here, at Abington. I am proud to call it my home, and its people my family. This institution will always hold a special place in my heart regardless of where my medical journey takes me."

– Vincent Chan, Categorical Graduate 2020

Vincent Chan MD

"I remember the interview trail well, and will never forget the feeling I had when I left Abington. I knew this place was special, I could get a sense that the program was committed to resident education, fostering a collegial environment, while creating a space that truly begins to feel like home and is a wonderful and pleasant environment to work in. I left my interview day thinking how happy and well balanced the residents seemed. I am so glad my gut feeling was right that day because I couldn’t have envisioned myself anywhere else! My attendings and co residents and everyone involved in helping me take care of our patients kept encouraging us to constantly keep asking the question why? Or what else could this be? As it pertains to patient care. During residency I was able to publish several publications, present my work at an International Conference, and get involved in the graduate medical education committee. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to train here, and as a new Academic Hospitalist, I feel ready and trust my training to guide me. And while I leave the program, I am always an Abingtonian and proud. Plus I have my co residents and attendings (this goes for sub specialty attendings as well) I grew close to on speed dial should I ever need anything in the future."

– Shahrzad Abdollahi, Categorical Graduate 2020

Shahrzad Abdollahi

"Well, what can we say about Abington. It’s our home, forever and always. We came to Abington seeking quality training but after spending 3 years here, we realized we received so much more. From the best program coordinator to the best program director and wonderful residents, Abington has it all. Most of all, it has loving people, which make this residency experience one of a kind. When we moved here we only knew each other, by the time we left, we had a large extended family, our Abington family. In hindsight, matching at Abington was the best thing that could ever happen to us. We will always cherish the time spent at Abington and will be forever grateful."

– Harshwant Grover and Puneet Dhillon, Categorical Graduate 2020

Harshwant Grover and Puneet Dhillon

"Abington- Jefferson Health’s training program’s strength lies in the expertise and collegiality of the faculty and providers within its system. As a community program resident, my experience was enriched by the strong teaching and commitment to my growth while providing me opportunities to rotate at other major academic centers. I was also granted unique opportunities in clinical research, graduate medical education, physician advocacy through the Pennsylvania Medical Society, and ACP leadership- I owe many of these achievements to the support of my Abington community."

– Ida Micaily, Categorical Graduate 2019

Ida Micaily

"Abington Hospital in general and Abington Hospital’s internal medicine residency training program in particular holds a very special place in my heart. I had an opportunity to train at Abington Hospital in various roles including as a resident, chief resident, cardiology fellow and as an attending.  I can honestly say that my years here have been educational, rewarding and fun. Excellent relationships with peers and attendings, never ending support from the program director, Dr. Boigon, and the different departments within the hospital make this a great place to train. I had the benefit of being at an academic medical center with diverse disease pathology, opportunity to teach medical students, access to research and mentoring for fellowships – while maintaining a community program environment with an emphasis on a family friendly atmosphere and work life balance. If given the chance to choose again, I would absolutely continue to rank Abington Hospital as my top program!"

– Wajahat Humayun, Categorical Graduate 2017

Wajahat Humayun

"The Internal Medicine residency program at Abington has provided me with one of the most rewarding experiences of my training. Not only did the program prepare me to be a well-rounded and compassionate internist, it provided me with resources to pursue a competitive fellowship of my choice. The faculty, colleagues and ancillary staff were a delight to work with, and it always felt like home. Dr. Boigon’s mentorship during my residency and chief residency was invaluable, and has shaped me into the professional that I am today."

– Divya Aggarwal, Categorical Graduate 2017

Divya Aggarwal

"When you join Abington Hospital Internal Medicine program for your residency, you don't join a hospital rather you become a part of an extended family. A family who with its 100-year-old traditions, doesn't prepare you just for medicine but for the practical life. Abington Hospital IM program with its well-rounded rotation schedule, research, and elective opportunities provides you with the right amalgam in which you can dive in and take out exactly what you need for your goals. The extensive didactic schedule made in collaboration with the sub-specialists make sure that residents are uptodate in their practice. All the faculty especially Dr. Boigon strive to create an environment in which residents' well-being and professional growth takes the top priority before anything else. Proud to be a part of this great institution."

– Ahmad Arslan, Categorical Graduate 2018

Ahmad Arslan