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Mary Naglak, RD, PhD,
Academic Research

All categorical residents are required to complete a scholarly research project by the end of their residency. Residents identify a project and then choose a clinical faculty mentor to guide them throughout the research process. Additionally, the department has a faculty member dedicated to assist all residents and faculty in their research endeavors including, but not limited to, the development of study design and methodology as well as statistical analysis and interpretation of results. Monthly presentations are available to residents covering topics ranging from Writing a research proposal to Manuscript Questions and Preparing a presentation.

Categorical residentsIn addition to presenting their research at Abington Hospital's Annual Research Symposium, many residents submit abstracts to the regional and national research competitions of the American College of Physicians as well as other professional and subspecialty forums. A number of residents have had research studies as well as case reports published in peer reviewed journals.

Awards and Honors

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Peer Review Articles

2020 PubMed Citations

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2019 PubMed Citations

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