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Night Service


A nightfloat service provides patient care from 5pm until 7am the next morning. Nightfloat includes interns and an upper-year resident to allow interns to have an easily available resource for any questions. This model allows interns to develop their independent clinical capabilities with help available if needed. Nightfloat interns do not routinely do admissions and are dedicated to their patient floor responsibilities. The night admitting service is managed by upper-year residents from 8pm until 7am the next morning. They are responsible for admissions until 6am. There is 1 hour of protected time (6am-7am) to allow them to thoroughly review their overnight admissions prior to the arrival of the morning teams.

Night ICU lifeWe have a dedicated night ICU team to manage and oversee critically ill patients.  It is comprised of upper-year residents (PGY -2 and PGY-3) and one intern. This allows the intern to get a glimpse of their future role as a leader in the hospital overnight. It also allows upper-year residents to provide focused, and directed education for that intern. The night ICU team will handle any critical care admissions, transfers from outside hospitals, critical care upgrades, and rapid responses overnight in the hospital.

All night services are supported by an overnight hospitalist attending, core faculty attending, private service attending, internal medicine chief resident, and critical care attending on call for any direct questions or concerns. All other medical, surgical and interventional services have on call services as well for any emergent issues that may arise. A dedicated non-teaching service is available to cover all patients and admissions not covered by a teaching services.

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Margot I. Boigon, M.D., Program Director

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