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General Medicine Service

General medicine residentsAbington’s General Medicine Service provides the basis for learning inpatient medical care. With over 660 beds, Abington resident teaching services are geographically distributed to ensure that the patients are within proximity to each other. We cover a variety of specialized floor services including general medicine floors, the oncology floor, the neurology floor, cardiac telemetry floors, and the progressive care unit floor. Alongside the variety of specialty floor teams, we also provide exposure to different services, including core faculty services, general hospitalist services, and private group services. This allows residents to have exposure to and observe a variety of different post-graduate opportunities within inpatient medicine.

ResidentsAll teaching services comprise of an attending physician, one upper-year medical resident, one intern, and medical students. This 1:1 ratio allows for the upper-year medical resident to be focused on helping the intern and providing focused educational content to their team. The teaching services carry a maximum cap of 10 to 12 patients with the intern carrying up to 10. There is a non-teaching service that is available to cover the remainder of the patients not covered by a teaching service.

The hours for the general medical services are typically 7am to 5pm, 6 days per week unless you are on short call which lasts until 8pm. There are no 24 hour calls or overnight calls as we have a dedicated resident night service to take over general medicine floor responsibilities after 5pm.

ResidentsBeing the largest teaching hospital in Montgomery and Bucks County, we have a variety of in-house consult services to cover the spectrum of medical pathology. The pharmacy department also provides significant support including, but not limited to medication reconciliation, heparin drip management and antibiotic stewardship. We also have several interventional procedural services, including cardiology, neurovascular, and radiology. An array of surgical services, including neurosurgery, orthopedics, vascular, oral maxillofacial, and plastics are also available.

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Margot I. Boigon, M.D., Program Director

Johnna Stieber, Residency Program Coordinator