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Call Information

General Medicine Floors

Admissions are accepted daily or every other day depending on inpatient team. Resident and intern hours are from 7am to 5pm each day depending on the work load except when resident is on call or short call the hours would be 7am – 8pm. There is no overnight or 24 hour call for interns or seniors.

Intensive Care and Cardiac Care Units

The Medical ICU is staffed by day and night teams of residents.  They take 12 hour shifts 6 days of the week.  Each side of the ICU is staffed by 1 upper level resident and 2 interns.  The night shift is also similarly staffed.  The Cardiac ICU is a day rotation only staffed by 1 upper level resident and 1 intern.  Night coverage is staffed by a "moonlighter" from the Department of Medicine.  This schedule for both the MICU and CCU enables our program to be adherent to the ACGME duty hour rules. 

Weekend Cross Coverage

There is no cross coverage on free electives, but there is once a week cross coverage for some back up electives to provide coverage.