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Faculty Biographies

Family Medicine Faculty

John J. Russell, M.D., Program Director, Chief of Family Medicine

John J. Russell, M.D.

“Risus sit Amet” – My oldest daughter was to come up with a family motto for Latin class. She chose “risus sit amet “, which means laughter must be shared. Whether it is in the office with patients, teaching and learning with residents, or sitting at home with my children, I believe that laughter is the currency that helps give life meaning and is the most direct way to connect with others for it shows that we appreciate life, with all its complexities, inconsistencies and joys.

There is the old expression that medicine is “an art”. The question is which type of art is Family Medicine most like? In thinking about this question, I would say that family medicine is most like Jazz. When you watch a great jazz artist perform several nights in a row you hear many of the same songs each night. In the spirit of jazz though, they do not sound exactly the same. The “melody” of Family Medicine is Evidence Based Medicine. The tempo is defined by the needs of the patient. The improvisation that integrates the melody, tempo, and an indefinable quality of spirit is what makes the artist an artist, and what makes the medicine that each of us practices as unique as we are and allows us to change our approach based on the individual needs of each patient.

What background influences my art? My art of medicine is informed and influenced by the hard-working values of my family who taught me that anything worth doing is worth doing well. My art is informed by a deep sensitivity to people and enhanced by growing up just miles from the hospital, understanding the rhythms and nuances of the people of our community. I also bring the joy and wonder of someone who loves and is constantly amazed by the beauty, courage, energy, and devotion that our patients show us daily in how they handle their lives through health and disease."


Dr. Russell grew up close to Abington and currently lives with his family in the neighborhood where he was raised. He is a graduate of Temple University and the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. He completed his Family Medicine training at Abington Memorial Hospital, served as Chief Resident, and joined the faculty directly after his residency in 1993. He was named Program Director in 2012 and also serves as Chair of the Family Medicine Department at Abington-Jefferson Hospital. He served as President of the Abington Hospital Medical Staff from 2010-2012. He is member of multiple hospital and Health system committees and is Chair of both the Pharmacy and Therapeutics and Ethics Committees.

He has served as contributing editor for several primary care publications and has been published articles in multiple different journals. Over the years, he has worked on educational projects for the AAFP, the American Diabetes Association and the Infectious Disease Society of America. He does the monthly podcast for the ADA (Clinical Core Update) with Dr. Neil Skolnik. He is a host at ReachMD, most notably of “ReachMD Book Club” and “Clinician’s Roundtable”. He is also a co-author of two textbooks, Dermatology Skills in Primary Care and Common Dermatologic Conditions in Primary Care.

Dr. Russell lectures extensively to primary care physicians on a local and national level and has won several resident teaching awards. At Abington he coordinates two large primary care CME events each year. He is involved as a presenter and organizer of many online CME programs. Dr. Russell has been named a “Top Doctor” in Family Medicine by Philadelphia magazine multiple times. His professional interests include immunizations, dermatology, cardiology, pharmacology, medical history, and bioethics.

Recent Publications

  • COVID-19 Essays from the Front: The Second Six Months: Christopher Haines. “Forward” Blurb . 2021

  • Russell J, Ryan E. Common Dermatologic Conditions in Primary Care (textbook). Totowa,NJ: Humana Press, 2019

Recent Presentations

  • AAFPANP National Meeting “Making Influenza a Primary Care Concern” July 25, 2020 (virtual)
  • National Forum for Specialty Pharmacists “The Evolving Landscape of Atopic Dermatitis: Implications for Specialty Pharmacists” June 30, 2020 (virtual)
  • ACP; “Improving Adult Vaccine Confidence-Harnessing Shared Decision Making To Improve Compliance” June 30, 2020 (virtual)
  • NJAFP Family Med Forum “Influenza Frontline Management and Prevention” June 27, 2020 (virtual)
  • Grand Rounds Adventist Shady Grove Medical Center. “Overcoming Challenges in the Treatment of Influenza: Examining the Underuse of Antiviral Therapies and Exploring Novel Approaches” Rockville, MD June 25, 2020 (virtual)
  • AAAAI National Meeting “Influenza: Reducing Complications in High Risk Patients through Advanced Treatment Options” June 10, 2020
  • NPACE Meeting “Influenza Treatment in the Primary Care Setting” April 23, 2020, Chicago (virtual)
  • Virginia Academy of Family Physicians Winter Retreat, “Influenza Frontline Management and Prevention for Family Physicians. Wintergreen, VA, January 24, 2020
  • Grand Rounds Abington Hospital - Jefferson Health. “Influenza Update 2020” January 29, 2020
  • NACE Conversations in Primary Care: “Leveraging GLP-1 Receptor Agonists to Advance Glycemic and Extraglycemic Goals in Type 2 Diabetes” Dec 7, 2019, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Infectious Diseases of Children “Tis’ the Season- Pediatric and Adolescent Influenza” Nov 23, 2019 New York, NY
  • Texas Academy of Family Physicians; “Influenza Frontline Management and Prevention for Family Physicians.” Nov 9, 2019, Houston, TX
  • Temple University Family Medicine Review Course: “Update Pediatric Antibiotic Guidelines” Cherry Hill, NJ, October 26, 2019
  • Society of Hospital Medicine “Influenza: Prevention and Treatment”, October 6, 2019 Austin, TX
  • Gitlin Primary Care Update: Abington PA, October 5, 2019 “Top Articles in Primary Care”
  • Gitlin Primary Care Update: Course Director. Abington PA, October 5, 2019
  • AAFP FMX. “Influenza Vaccine in Patients Over 50”, Philadelphia, PA, September 25, 2019
  • AAFP FMX. “Treating Influenza: Where We Are and Where We’re Going”, Philadelphia, PA, September 22, 2019
  • ACOFP Intensive Board Review Course. “Immunization Update 2019” Chicago, IL August 23, 2019
  • ACOFP Intensive Board Review Course. “Pulmonary Function Testing” Chicago, IL August 23, 2019
  • Thomas Jefferson University Family Medicine Review Course; “Adult Immunization Update 2019” June 22, 2019, Rehoboth, DE
  • Gitlin Primary Care Update: The Patient with Gastrointestinal Disease Course Director. Abington PA, April 26, 2019
  • ACP Annual Meeting. “Treating Influenza: Where We Are and Where We’re Going”, Philadelphia, PA, April 9, 2019
  • Temple University Family Medicine Review Course: “Update Pediatric Antibiotic Guidelines” Cherry Hill, NJ, March 22, 2019
  • NJAFP “Pneumococcal Vaccination” January 15, 2019.

Mathew M. Clark, M.D., M.A., Associate Director

Mathew M. Clark, M.D., M.A.

"Work is love made visible.” – Kahlil Gibran


"I’m privileged to have been a physician and teacher for almost 40 years. Although our work can be stressful and tiring—especially during medical school and residency—at its best it can also be deeply meaningful and rewarding. I enjoy being part of our residents’ lives and learning, as they morph from recently-graduated students to competent attending physicians."

Dr. Clark has a B.A from The Evergreen State College, an M.A. in psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and an M.D. from Yale University School of Medicine. He completed his Family Medicine residency at Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Los Angeles. Prior to joining the Family Medicine faculty at Abington in 1990, he worked in a community health center and an emergency department in Philadelphia. He has also spent extended periods of time doing medical service in Thailand and Mexico, and regularly performs forensic medical evaluations for refugees seeking political asylum. Dr. Clark has a Certificate of Added Qualification in Geriatrics. He regularly speaks and publishes for a national Family Medicine audience. Areas of interest include geriatrics, procedural medicine, and physician well-being.

Dr. Clark is a traditional and jazz musician. He played several times a week in clubs, for dances, and for hymn-singing at Abington Friends Meeting.

Recent Publications

  • Clark, Mathew. “Ace the Case: A 47-Year-Old Woman With Trouble Sleeping.” Healio, 15 Nov. 2020,
  • Benign Cutaneous Lesions. In Common Dermatologic Conditions in Primary Care. Springer. 2019
  • Diagnostic Evaluation Using Biopsy and Dermoscopy. In Common Dermatologic Conditions in Primary Care. Springer 2019.

Recent Presentations

  • Clark, Mathew. “Pharyngitis.” Primary Care Update. Primary Care Update, 2021 May 7, Abington, PA.

Amy L. Clouse, M.D., Associate Director

Amy L. Clouse, M.D.

"When I first walk in the room to see a patient, the first thing I notice is if they look happy or sad. I do this because a person’s mood sets the tone for the visit and likely their approach to their healthcare and probably their life. What has always intrigued me is who someone is and not just what their disease is, because who they are influences more than anything else how they do with whatever it is they are seeing me for. I feel the same way about teaching: who someone is, their orientation toward learning, how they learn, it all helps me to understand how to best help them to grow both as a doctor and as a person."


After earning her B.A. in Biological Sciences with a Minor in Women's Studies from Northwestern University, Dr. Clouse attended the Medical College of Pennsylvania where she received her M.D. degree with Honors. She started post-graduate training in Obstetrics/Gynecology at the Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center and then changed to Family Medicine when she realized that her professional interests in women's health would be better served by this specialty. Dr. Clouse completed her residency training at the West Jersey Family Practice Residency Program in 1998 as Chief Resident.

Dr. Clouse brings strong skills, experience and enthusiasm for women's health care to our program including obstetrics, menopausal issues, and gynecologic procedures such as colposcopy and endometrial biopsies. She also holds a Certificate for Added Qualifications in Adolescent Medicine and has a special interest in eating disorders and other adolescent issues such as contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr. Clouse speaks nationally on women's health topics and has multiple publications to her credit. She has recently co-edited a women's health book for primary care providers and contributed two chapters to that book. She considers herself a “foodie”, always enjoys a good book and a great glass of wine and can often be found training for a local running race.

Recent Publications

  • Russell, John J., et al. “Gynecologic Dermatology.” Common Dermatologic Conditions in Primary Care, Humana Press, Cham, Switzerland, 2019.

Recent Presentations

  • Clouse, Amy. “Emerging Challenges in Primary Care.” Covid Update. 2 May 2021.
  • Clouse, Amy. “Vaginitis Diagnosis and Treatment.” Temple Family Medicine Review. 9 Oct. 2020.
  • Clouse, Amy. “Osteoporosis Treatment.” Temple Family Medicine Review. 9 Oct. 2020.

Susan Kuchera Fidler, M.D., Associate Director

Susan Fidler, M.D.

“Shoshin” is a concept derived from Zen Buddhism meaning “with a beginner’s heart, mind and spirit.”

These are words that resonate with me and represent why I love working with our resident physicians here at Abington Family Medicine. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to help educate and guide our new physicians as they learn new skills and face new challenges in this continually changing era of healthcare. My time with our residents and students reminds me to approach the problems and issues my own patients face with enthusiasm and a “beginner’s heart”.


Dr. Fidler is a graduate of Villanova University and The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. She completed her Family Medicine residency at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital in Pittsburgh. She holds a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine and has special interests in the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care and outpatient Point of Care Ultrasound. She enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends. She likes to spend her free time cooking, at the beach and watching sports.

Recent Presentations

  • Fidler, Susan K., and Aaron M. Sutton. “Treatment Strategies in Opiate Use Disorder.” Gitlin Primary Care Update. Gitlin Primary Care Update, 1 Oct. 2021, Abington. PA.
  • Fidler, Susan K. “Childhood Overuse Injuries and Sports Specialization.” Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians. PAFP Fall CME Conference, Nov. 2020.
  • Fidler, Susan K. “Rapid Review: Shoulder and Wrist Examination and Injection.” Family Medicine Education Consortium. FMEC Annual Conference, 1 Oct. 2020.
  • Fidler, Susan K. “Adolescent Overuse Injuries.” Family Medicine Education Consortium. FMEC Annual Conference, Oct. 2019.

Gerald J. Hansen, III, M.D., Associate Director

Gerald J. Hansen, III, M.D.

"One of my favorite patients was a wonderfully wise and delightful Ukrainian great grandmother. She lived until almost her 102 birthday in a residential apartment in one of the retirement communities we provide care. In spite of complex medical problems such as inflammatory bowel disease, Parkinsonism and aortic stenosis, her mental faculties were quite sharp. She loved it when I would bring by medical students and our residents to sit and speak with her. As well as teaching these folks medicine in Geriatrics, she would impart some of the wisdom gained from a century of experience. Her favorite nugget was “after everything is said and done, the only thing that matters is love.”

The nurses at her facility informed me that she was refusing to eat or take her medications and that she wanted to die. I sat down and spoke with her to make sure that pain, depression or any reversible condition was not behind her decision. She assured me that was not the case and that she was happy that her time had come. With tears in my eyes, I told her I would miss her and that it was my privilege to know and care for her. She looked at me and asked with her Ukrainian accent, “May I say something doctor?” “Certainly," I replied. She grabbed my hand tenderly and said, “You have been a wonderful friend.”

The richness of patient relationships and the gifts of the opportunities to facilitate learning by students and residents are what make being a family physician and teacher so special to me. Our program has many stories such as this and we welcome you to become a part of them."


Dr. Hansen is a graduate of Trinity College and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. He completed his family medicine training at Chestnut Hill Hospital in Philadelphia and post residency training in family therapy at the Child Guidance Clinic of Philadelphia. Dr. Hansen has over 20 years of experience in teaching residents and medical students and has been director of the program for nine years. In addition to his Board certifications in family medicine and pain management, he has a certificate of added qualification in geriatrics and an affiliate certification in marriage and family therapy. Dr. Hansen has served as a hospice medical director for 12 years and lectured regionally and nationally on pain management and end of life care issues. As Chairman of Abington Hospital's Physicians' Health Assistance Committee, and member of the Board of Directors of the Delaware Valley Physicians' Aid Association, Dr. Hansen has demonstrated a strong commitment to physician health and well-being that extends to the residents of our program. His other professional interests include addictions medicine, obesity, cross culture medicine and primary care counseling.

Recent Presentations

  • Hansen, Gerald J. “Understanding The Impacts of the Pandemics of Covid 19 & Systemic Racism & How to Heal The Wounds.” 2020.
  • Hansen, Gerald J. “The Gift of Life - Organ Donation.” Schwartz Rounds. Schwartz Grand Rounds, May 2020, Abington, PA.
  • Hansen, Gerald J. “Perspectives of an Expert Witness.” Feb. 2020, Temple University Law School, Temple University Law School.
  • Hansen, Gerald J. “How to Win an Osler - Excelling in Office Performance.” Family Medicine Education Consortium. FMEC Annual Conference, Nov. 2019, Lancaster, PA.

Tracey Roesing, M.D., Associate Director

Tracey Roesing, M.D.“Inside every block of marble or stone lies a beautiful statue; one only needs to uncover the excess material to reveal the work of art within.” – Michelangelo


As I have worked with patients, students and residents over the years it has become apparent to me that each has something amazing to offer, if we take the time and develop the interest and ability to see and work with the people around us. After ten years in private practice, I decided to move to an academic medical career. The energy and excitement for continued learning, in addition to the high level of care that is provided to the community, were the main things that influenced me to seek a faculty position at Abington Family Medicine.

Dr. Roesing completed her undergraduate education at James Madison University, and then went on to complete medical school at MCP/Hahnemann University in 2000. She then spent her three-year Family Medicine residency at Abington Memorial Hospital, graduating in 2003. While in private practice, Dr. Roesing returned to the Abington Family Medicine residency program as a part-time community physician preceptor. In 2014, Dr Roesing decided to assume her present full time faculty role at the residency program. Dr. Roesing serves as the family medicine clerkship site director for third year medical students from Jefferson, Drexel and PCOM. Additionally, she is a certified wound care physician and spends time working at the Warminster Wound Healing Center at Abington Jefferson Health.

Outside of the office, Dr. Roesing has quite a busy family life with her husband, four children and two dogs. A former collegiate lacrosse player and current sports fan, most of her family activities revolve around sports and other active, outdoor activities.

Recent Publications

  • Russell, John J., et al. “Wound Care For Primary Care Providers.” Common Dermatologic Conditions in Primary Care, Humana Press, Cham, Switzerland, 2019.

Meera Shah, D.O., M.B.A., Osteopathic Program Director

Meera Shah, D.O., M.B.A.“To be human, is to be grateful” – inspired by Rev. Pandurang Shastri Athavale

"To cultivate this everlasting, progressive, and intense sense of gratitude has been an important goal in my life. I am grateful to so many who have helped me be the person I am today. I owe it to my hard-working parents, who uprooted everything and started over to offer me better education and opportunity, and to my husband and three beautiful children who continually support me and my passion for my profession. I am also grateful for my many teachers and mentors and for the opportunity to be able to be a small part of the educational journey of family medicine residents

Any object visually exists only because it knows to reflect the light that has shined upon it. The realization of how blessed I am has taught me to reflect that light of love and warmth unto others, particularly my patients. As influential teachers in my life, my patients continue to inspire me every day to become not only a better physician, but also a better human being. It is what makes me proud to be a part of the Family Medicine community at Abington – Jefferson Health."


Dr. Shah is a graduate of University of Maryland, Baltimore County where she also obtained a Masters in Chemistry. She received her medical training at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine while working on her MBA in healthcare administration at St. Joseph’s University. She is a product of our proud Family Medicine Residency program and is an Osteopathic Physician who is proficient in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. Dr. Shah brought her enthusiasm and zeal to Abington Family Medicine in 2011 after completing her fellowship in Geriatric Medicine at Abington Memorial Hospital. Currently, she is part time faculty with Abington Family Medicine, dedicated to serving our local nursing homes, and taking part in mentoring our residents in our Family Medicine.

Dr. Shah is a proud mother of three, and when not immersed in the joys of motherhood also takes deep interest in studying philosophy and scriptures of her Indian culture.

Recent Publications

Recent Presentations

  • Shah, Meera. “OMM for Management of Acute and Chronic Pain .” Family Medicine Education Consortium. FMEC Annual Conference, 2020.
  • Shah, Meera. “Cancer Screening in the Elderly.” Gitlin Primary Care Update. PCU Fall 2020, Oct. 2020.
  • Shah, Meera. “OMM for Wellness in the Family Residency.” Family Medicine Education Consortium. FMEC Annual Conference, Nov. 2019, Lancaster, PA.

Neil S. Skolnik, M.D., Associate Director

Neil S. Skolnik, M.D."My favorite story is that of an old Yiddish tale where one of the “wise men” of Chelm says to his wife, “If I were the czar, I would be even richer than the czar.” His wife, puzzled as usual by his remarks says, “How can that be?” To which the wise man replies, “If I were the czar, I would do a little teaching on the side.” I like this story because it conveys a fundamental truth: when you love teaching, you teach. That is why I, and all the faculty of our program are here at Abington Family Medicine."


Dr. Skolnik is a graduate of Union College and Emory University School of Medicine. He completed his Family Medicine training at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. Following his residency, Dr. Skolnik completed a faculty development fellowship at Jefferson and served as one of the faculty in a small inner city family medicine office. He wrote the book On the Ledge: A Doctor’s Stories from the Inner City about his experiences there. He has a long-term strong interest in medicine and the humanities and often incorporates the humanities into his medical teaching.

Dr. Skolnik has been primary author and editor of four medical textbooks, Essential Practice Guidelines in Primary Care, Essential Infectious Disease Topics for Primary Care, Electronic Medical Records – A Practical Guide for Primary Care, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases – A Practical Guide for Primary care, all published by published by Springer Publishing, the second largest publisher of biomedical textbooks in the world.

For fifteen years Dr. Skolnik served as the primary care series editor for the Springer Current Clinical Practice Series overseeing the development of over twenty-five primary care medical textbooks. In addition, Dr. Skolnik has worked with large organizations including the Centers for Disease Control, the American Diabetes Association, the Infectious Disease Society of America developing iPhone and Android based applications to facilitate information retrieval at the point-of-care.

Dr. Skolnik writes a monthly guidelines column in Family Practice News and writes, along with a another of our faculty, Chris Notte, the monthly Med Tech Report, also in Family Practice News and Internal Medicine News. Dr. Skolnik lectures regionally and nationally on a variety of primary care topics including most commonly diabetes, asthma, COPD and exercise in medicine. He has served as a member of the Expert Panel Report 4 (EPR-4) Working Group of the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program Coordinating Committee helping develop the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute’s (NHLBI) 2020 Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma.

He is a Professor of Family and Community Medicine at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, has a strong interest in promoting scholarly work among the residents at AFM and thoroughly enjoys teaching medical students and residents.

Recent Publications

  • Skolnik, N., Del Prato, S., Blonde, L. et al. Translating iGlarLixi Evidence for the Management of Frequent Clinical Scenarios in Type 2 Diabetes. Adv Ther (2021). ; PMID: 33620694
  • Skolnik, N. Gratitude. Circulation 2021 Mar 16;143(11):1071-1072. doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.120.053279. PMID: 33720775
  • Edwards CL, Kaplan AG, Yawn BP, Kocks JW, Bulathsinhala L, Carter VA, Chang K…Skolnik N, Price D, et al. Development of the Advancing the Patient Experience in COPD Registry: A Modified Delphi Study. Journal of the COPD Foundation 2021; 8(1) 135-151. doi: ; PMID: 33238085
  • Yawn B, Kaplan A, Pace W, Kocks J, Bulathsinhala LB, Carter VA, Chang KL,…Skolnik N, et al. Advancing the Patient EXperience (APEX) in COPD Registry: Study Design and Strengths. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine 2021; 34 (1) 22-31; DOI: ; PMID: 33452079
  • Cloutier MM, Baptist AP, Blake KV, Brooks EG, Bryant-Stephens T, Baptist AP, Skolnik NS, et. al. 2020 Focused Updates to the Asthma Management Guidelines: A Report from the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program Coordinating Committee Expert Panel Working Group. J Allergy and Clinical Immunology Dec. 2020; 146(6):1217-1270 and at NIH NHLBI Website PMID: 33280709
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  • Peng, X.V., McCrimmon, R.J., Shepherd, L., Boss A, Lubwama R, Dex T, Skolnik N, Ji L, Avogaro A, Blonde L. . Glycemic Control Following GLP-1 RA or Basal Insulin Initiation in Real-World Practice: A Retrospective, Observational, Longitudinal Cohort Study. Diabetes Ther 11, 2629–2645 (2020). ; PMID: 32902774
  • Skolnik N. Make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for nursing home health care workers. USA Today March 24, 2021
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  • Skolnik N. Before your next barbecue or group outing, here’s one way to consider the risk of COVID | Expert Opinion. The Philadelphia Inquirer August 6, 2020
  • Skolnik N. Before you go to that July 4 barbecue, assess COVID-19 risk and take precautions. USA Today July 3, 2020
  • Persampiere V, Skolnik N. The Cures Act: Is the “cure” worse than the disease? Family Practice News/MD Edge June 2021
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Recent Presentations

  • The Role of Exercise in Primary Prevention -Webinar, Pri-Med (July 2021)
  • COVID-19 Update at – Neil Skolnik and Leana Wen, weekly update on the COVID-19 crisis attended by approximately 1000 clinicians nationwide each week. March 2020 – June 2021
  • Emerging Challenges and Clinical Updates in Primary Care 2021 Live Virtual Conference - Moderator for day-long CME. Emerging Challenges and Clinical Updates in Primary Care 2021 Live Virtual Conference Multiple times (August 2020-June 2021)
  • Long-haul Covid. Nurse Practitioner Associates for Continuing Education. (National Webinar). May 2021
  • Top Articles in the Medical Literature - Primary Care Update, Abington Jefferson Health Oct 2020
  • The Role of Exercise in Primary Prevention - Pri-Med South. Fort Lauderdale (February 2020)
  • The Role of Exercise in Primary Prevention - Pri-Med North. Boston (December 2019); Fort Lauderdale (February 2020)
  • Teaming Up to Overcome Challenges in Severe Asthma Management
  • The Role of Targeted Therapy in Personalized Care. AAFP Satellite Symposium, Philadelphia PA September 2019
  • Asthma Insights: Treating by Phenotype and Improving Adherence to Treatment. AAFP Satellite Symposium, Philadelphia PA September 2019
  • The Role of Exercise in Primary Prevention - Pri-Med. Washington, DC (April, 2019); Raleigh, North Carolina (April 2019); Chicago, Ill (July 2019), Philadelphia (August 2019)
  • Current Treatment Recommendations for Medical Management of Diabetes. Eastern Shore Medical Symposium, Rehoboth DE (June, 2019)
  • Prediabetes & Type 2 Diabetes Prevention. Eastern Shore Medical Symposium, Rehoboth DE (June, 2019)
  • Cardiovascular Outcome Trials in Diabetes and Implications for Clinical Practice, American College of Physicians Satellite Meeting, Philadelphia, PA (April, 2019).

William Callahan, D.O.

William Callahan, D.O.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Socrates

"For any students of Greek philosophy, I feel that the life of the goddess Persephone best personifies my life: rather than splitting my time between Demeter and Hades, my working career is split between working for the residency and working for a private practice. I find that my duality in career not only works for me but allows me to thrive. In addition to educating residents and students, I am able to relate well to soon-to-graduate residents and recent graduates as they adjust to post-residency life."

Dr. Callahan graduated from the University of Scranton, studying biology with minors in both history and philosophy. He then proceeded to attend the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where he attained a graduate certificate in Biomedical Studies, and then a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine, graduating in 2012. In 2015, Dr. Callahan graduated in from the Abington Family Medicine Residency Program. Dr. Callahan currently works both at a private practice in the Abington-Jefferson network, as well as for the Abington Family Medicine Residency Program. Dr. Callahan maintains an active interest in LGBT healthcare and lifestyle management for health maintenance. He also takes part in the residency’s Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine curriculum and works actively with the network to address physician burnout.

Meghan Wadlinger, Program Manager

Meghan Wadlinger

Meghan is a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Business Management. She started her career interning at Abington Jefferson Health’s Chief of Staff Office. She has several years of experience in Graduate Medical Education, working with Jefferson Health and previously as Temple University Hospital’s Emergency Medicine Program Administrator. Meghan is responsible for administrative management of the residency program, student rotations, and continuing medical education at Abington Family Medicine. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with friends and family and staying active with soccer, ultimate frisbee, and running.


Aarisha Shrestha, DO

Aarisha Shrestha, DO

Dr. Shrestha is an outside preceptor at the residency program and loves to teach and interact with residents and medical students. She works as a full-time primary care physician in the Jefferson-Abington Health Network. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland College Park (Go Terps!) and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is a proud graduate of our Family Medicine residency program at Abington Jefferson Hospital. She is board-certified in both Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine. Prior to medical school, she worked for Mérieux NutriSciences, focusing on analytical and consulting services to ensure the safety and nutritional quality of food products. She holds special interest in weight management, nutrition, preventative medicine, primary care counseling and women's health. Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, she also has a passion for cross-cultural medicine. In her spare time, she likes to spend time and travel with her family and friends, play with her newborn son, do yoga, and binge-watch TV shows.

Aaron M. Sutton, LCSW, Behavioral Health Consultant

Aaron M. Sutton, LCSW

Aaron is a graduate of Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, and East Carolina University. He holds a Master’s degree in Social Work as well as a graduate certificate in clinical addictions. After college, Aaron completed post-graduate training, and holds a license to practice Clinical Social Work and is a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. He has extensive training in cognitive behavioral therapy, structural family therapy, and works with children, adults, and families. Aaron lectures on different behavioral topics including cognitive therapy, insomnia, and motivational interviewing. Currently, he is working with other faculty members on creating a Medication Assisted Treatment program and Abington Family Medicine with a focus on helping those with opioid use disorder. His research interests include obesity and diabetes in relation to psychosocial stressors, and improving the mind/body connection. As Chief Wellness Officer for the graduate medical education committee at Abington, Aaron is passionate about helping physicians improve resiliency and overall wellness. Aaron is a former member of the United States military, and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.

Recent Publications

Media (podcasts or video)

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Recent Presentations

  • Cognitive Therapy Techniques for Resident Physicians. Graduate Medical Education Committee, Abington-Jefferson Health, October 2019
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Insomnia. Abington Family Medicine, October 2019

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