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The Abington Family Medicine Residency is at its essence an academic program in a community hospital setting combining the rigor and intellectual excitement of academic medicine with the joy of taking care of patients in a community setting. Interested residents work with experienced faculty in contributing to the medical literature and continuing medical education activities on a regional and a national basis. 

Recent projects that residents have contributed to include traditional publications such as book chapters, journal articles, and scientific meeting lectures as well as new media including online CME and PDA/iPhone applications.

Abington Family Medicine Residency Program

Residents have abundant opportunities to be involved in a project that can result in publication at a national level. All residents must participate in a performance improvement project and scholarly activity per ACGME requirements.

Faculty regularly present at national meetings including Pri-Med Updates, the Lancaster Family Medicine Review, and the Association of American Medical Directors annual update.  Just a few examples of recent projects by members of our residency, with contributions by residents along with faculty, include:  


Electronic Medical Records for Primary Care (Neil Skolnik, Editor)

Dermatology for Primary Care (Humana Press, John Russell, editor), 

Clinical Guidelines for Primary Care (Humana Press, Neil Skolnik, editor),

Essential Infectious Disease in Primary Care (Humana Press, Neil Skolnik and Ross Albert, editors); 

Women’s Health for Primary Care (Humana Press, Amy Clouse, editor)


Clinical Guidelines Update – a monthly column in Family Practice News with contributions by both residents and attending, which updates over 90,000 family physicians around the country about new clinical guidelines.

New Media:

Assessment and Management of Chronic Pain – AAFP Learning Link Online Video CME at

Managing the Chronic Pain Patient at Risk or with a History of Addiction - AAFP Learning Link Online Video CME at

Practical Aspects of Chronic Pain Management: A Case-based Approach - AAFP Learning Link Online Video CME at

Type 2 Diabetes - AAFP Learning Link Online Video CME at 

Quality Management of Type 2 Diabetes: Approach to Medical Treatment - AAFP Learning Link Online Video CME at

Challenging Cases in Effective Management of Type 2 Diabetes - AAFP Learning Link Online Video CME at

PDA version of the CDC’s 2006 STD guidelines available at

Guidelines from the Infectious Disease Society of America available at

For more details about individual faculty interests, please see the faculty bio’s on the faculty page.