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Geriatric Fellowship Recruitment


Applications are accepted through ERAS. Each applicant must provide three letters of recommendation, a completed common ERAS application form (including licensure information, medical education, medical school honors/awards, education, current/prior training), personal statement, transcript from medical school, scores from all three steps of the USMLE exam and an ECFMG certificate before an interview is offered.

You will receive notification by email after your application has been reviewed. Applicants receiving an interview will be contacted to set up an appointment to meet with the geriatrics staff. Interviews are held September through November.

Family Needs

Our program accommodates the needs of couples. The department understands the demands of scheduling issues, so consideration is given. As needed, we will give consideration to extending the residency to provide ample opportunity to fulfill domestic responsibilities in addition to professional requirements. The program director should be consulted about any special circumstances.