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Internal Medicine Geriatric Fellowship Goals and Objectives

The geriatric medicine fellow at the completion of one year will:

  • improve their knowledge and attitude towards the care of the elderly
  • be exposed to an extensive experience in geriatrics with elderly individuals living at different levels of care
  • be exposed to a core curriculum of geriatric topics; residents read various articles featuring curriculum topics and attend supervised question and answer panel sessions outlined by the American Geriatric Society Core Curriculum manual
  • maintain a longitudinal panel of patients in each clinical setting that a geriatrician may practice, including office-based, long term care, geriatric assessment and home care
  • engage in formal and informal teaching sessions with their geriatric preceptor on a regular basis
  • experience how a multi-disciplinary team works in caring for the elderly
  • attend the sessions at Geriatric Assessment Center and learn the basics of interdisciplinary outpatient assessment
  • demonstrate an understanding of functional assessment of the elderly patient and know what standardized tools are available for such an assessment
  • have a better understanding of the role of the geriatrician in the care of elderly patients, and how and when to interface with their geriatric colleagues