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Unit 5 - Management of Complications of Bariatric Surgery


The fellow will gain comprehensive understanding of management of complications and obesity related conditions.


  1. Early Complications
    • Identification
    • Management
  2. Late Complications
    • Identification
    • Management

Clinical Skills

  1. The fellow will demonstrate the ability to detect postoperative complications through history and clinical examination.
  2. The fellow will demonstrate an understanding of the physiologic impact of delaying diagnosis or treatment of postoperative complications.
  3. The fellow will demonstrate appropriate use and interpretation of diagnostic tests to determine presence and magnitude of postoperative complications.
  4. The fellow will demonstrate a safe and logical plan of action, and show expediency in implementing management of postoperative complications.
  5. The fellow will demonstrate the operative skill to manage such complications.

To Apply

All applications are accepted strictly through Fellowship Council.

For more information:
Rebecca Augustine