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Unit 2 – Nonoperative Management of Obesity


The fellow will obtain and apply a comprehensive knowledge of management options for obesity without surgery.


  1. Caloric Management
  2. Exercise Physiology
  3. Pharmacologic Management

Clinical Skills

  1. The fellow will develop understanding of various diet and caloric management systems, including how they work and short- and long- term outcomes. He/she will have an understanding of potential complications of low calorie diets and ability to monitor for adverse outcomes.
  2. The fellow will understand the purpose of different exercise programs and the risks and benefits of each for the obese patient.
  3. The fellow will be well versed on medications (prescription and non-prescription) for weight control including appropriate dosing, usage, outcomes, side effects, and risks.

To Apply

All applications are accepted strictly through Fellowship Council.

For more information:
Rebecca Augustine