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Speakers  Bureau

Our Experts are Available to Talk to Your Group

Jefferson Health - Abington’s Speakers Bureau provides experts who are available to talk to audiences in our community about a variety of health and medical topics. These healthcare professionals – physicians, nurses, therapists and more – address groups of 15 or more at civic clubs, churches, schools and other non-profit organizations. This service is free of charge. Speakers are available Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.



  • Chase Your Blues Away - Reasons, symptoms and treatment for depression in seniors


  • Hobbling Hips, Wimpy Knees, Spastic Spine - The latest techniques and minimally invasive procedures for the hip, knee and spine.
  • Oh, My Aching Back - Causes, symptoms, risk factors and treatments for lower back pain.
  • Considering a Joint Replacement? - Facts and answers on questions about joint replacement.
  • Staying in the Game - Prevention of sports related injuries in children and adults.
  • Don’t Let Arthritis Keep You Down - Helpful ways to find relief, improve mobility and treat your symptoms.
  • No Bones About It - Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.


  • The Impact of Concussions on Student Athletes - The short and long term side effects and treatments for concussions.
  • Balancing Act - Techniques and information to help you improve your balance.
  • Headache or Migraine - Facts about migraine, sinus, and tension headaches.
  • A to Zzzzzzzzzz’s of Sleep - How to get a good night’s sleep in spite of insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and snoring.
  • Stroke Alert: When Seconds Count - Stroke symptoms, prevention and recovery.
  • Alzheimer’s or Forgetfulness - Find out the difference between normal forgetfulness and the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.


  • Cancer: The More You Know - An overview of the following cancers: breast, colon and lung.
  • Colon Health: Staying On Tract - Facts on colon health, including the prevention and detection of colon cancer.
  • Don’t Procrastinate: Check Your Prostate - Risk factors, early detection, prevention, and course of treatment.
  • Testicular Cancer: Self-Screening - Information on testicular cancer and prevention through self-screening
  • Don’t Get Burned - Early detection and successful treatments for skin cancer.
  • Breast Health: What Every Woman Needs To Know - Common breast changes, risk factors, screening and diagnostic tests, types and stages of breast cancer and treatment.


  • Keep Smiling - Gum disease, tooth decay, dry mouth and how dental health prevents cardiovascular disease.


  • Beating Diabetes - Gain control of diabetes while maintaining an optimal state of health and well-being.
  • Save Your Soles - Proper foot care for diabetics and how to prevent complications associated with the disease.


  • What to Expect in the ER - Alleviate stress associated with a visit to the ER.
  • Safety Prevention - Safety tips to reduce the incidence of accidents.


  • Cholesterol: Know Your Numbers - The difference between LDL and HDL, prevention tips and treatments for lowering your cholesterol.
  • You Gotta Have Heart - An overview of risk factors, prevention and treatment for a healthy heart.
  • Get To the Heart of the Matter: For Women - Cardiac disease is different in women, including different risk factors, symptoms and treatment options.
  • Are You Out Of Circulation? - Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), circulatory problems, varicose veins and your treatment options    
  • Congestive Heart Failure  - New techniques in cardiosurgery and a new procedure for congestive heart failure
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest - Symptoms, risk factors and diagnostic testing information
  • Stroke Alert: When Seconds Count - Stroke symptoms, prevention and recovery.


  • Love Your Lungs  - Facts on asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, smoking and treatment options.
  • What Is COPD? - Symptoms and treatments available for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  • Breathe Easy:  How to Control Asthma - Management of triggers and current treatments to keep asthma under control.
  • Don’t Let Your Life Go Up In Smoke - Techniques for quitting smoking and staying smoke-free.


  • Snack Attack - Choose the right snacks and put an end to endless munching.
  • Make It Quick - Make the best choices when dining out.


  • Maximize Your Memory - How to remember what you are starting to forget.
  • Caregiving 101: Taking Care of the Caregiver - Taking care of your health while you are the caregiver.
  • Healthy Steps - Increase your awareness and knowledge of how to reduce falls.
  • Chase Your Blues Away - Reasons, symptoms and treatment for depression in seniors.
  • Using Medications Wisely - Things you can do to make sure your medications work best for you.


  • Got GERD? - Management of heartburn and gastro-esophageal reflux disease.


  • Stress Less:  How to Find Calm in the Midst of Stressful Living - Reduce stress through meditation, image therapy and mindfulness.


  • The Change - The transitioning symptoms of Menopause.
  • No Bones About It - How to treat osteoporosis.
  • Take Control - An overview of female pelvic organ prolapse and surgical options.

For More Information or to Schedule a Speaker

A contact person must be available to greet and introduce the speaker the day of the event. Please contact us six to eight weeks before your program. If you would like a physician or other clinical professional from Jefferson Health - Abington to talk to your group, please email us at or call:

  • Jefferson Abington Hospital Speakers Bureau at 215-481-6334

Before calling, please review our list of topics. The coordinator will assist you in determining which speaker and topic is right for your event, and will make the final arrangements.  Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.