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National Doctors' Day 2019

National Doctors' Day 2019

The compassionate men and women of Abington – Jefferson Health are devoted to your well-being. Our doctors are committed to bringing the highest level of care and expertise to every medical challenge they face – whether saving lives, improving lives, or welcoming new lives into the world. It is very likely that an Abington – Jefferson Health doctor has touched your life or someone close to you.

Today, You Have the Opportunity to Say Thanks!

National Doctors’ Day is March 30 – the perfect occasion to honor the Abington – Jefferson Health physician who has made a positive impact in your life. Don’t miss this opportunity to warm the caring hearts of the doctors who make Abington – Jefferson Health such an important part of our community.

More Than a Cancer Patient

Meredith Tarditi

Meredith Tarditi had just returned from Nicaragua and her young family’s first vacation together and she was under the weather with a headache and fatigue. Her body was still adjusting to life after pregnancy, juggling a job, her infant daughter Sarah, and the rest of a full life – of course she was feeling run down. Read More