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Innovators' Circle Special Awards

2013 Innovators’ Circle Physician and Nurse Honoree Awards

2013 Physician and Nurse Honorees

From left to right:
Diane Humbrecht, M.S.N., R.N., C., 2013
Innovators’ Circle Nurse Honoree;
G. Chris Christensen, III, D.O., Chair,
Innovators’ Circle Clinical Advisory
Committee; Qaisar A. Shah, M.D.,
Innovators’ Circle Physician Honoree;
and Joie Smith, Chair,  Innovators’ Circle
Executive Leadership and Allocation Committee

Qaisar A. Shah, M.D. and Diane Humbrecht, M.S.N., R.N., C. were named the 2013  Innovators’ Circle Physician and Nurse Honorees in recognition of their legacies of developing and implementing innovative solutions to healthcare challenges.

Dr. Shah, Director of Neurointerventional and Neurocritical Care, is the co-recipient of three Innovators’ Circle grants.  He and colleagues are investigating the use of an infrared, handheld device to identify acute brain hemorrhages cased by stroke in the pre-hospital setting.  His two other studies involve cognitive deficits in Moyamoya disease and headaches and unruptured aneurysms.

Diane is nurse director of Clinical Excellence and Innovation.  A member of the nursing staff for 25 years, she has been involved in many innovative projects involving the integration of technology with professional practice.  With support from an Innovators’ Circle grant, she co-led the development of the Daily CARE Plan, which received the 2008 Magnet Prize and has been implemented across Abington Health and other hospitals across the country.

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The Innovators’ Circle program invests in innovative people and ideas with great potential for the future of health care.  Overseen by a committee of community leaders and a committee of leading Abington physicians and nurses, the Innovators’ Circle program has funded 72 innovative projects since 2005.