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National Doctors' Day 2019

National Doctors' Day 2019

Thank You!

Thanks to the generosity of our patients and friends, Abington – Jefferson Health physicians were honored in celebration of National Doctors’ Day on March 30, 2019. Your thoughtful gifts inspire our physicians and support their mission to serve our community in a more significant way. Thank you for recognizing a doctor who has made a difference in your life, and thank you for joining the Abington – Jefferson Health family in our effort to improve lives. Although National Doctors’ Day has passed, every day is cause to celebrate our caring physicians. Gifts can be made in honor of a physician at any time.

View the list of all those who have been honored.

More Than a Cancer Patient

Meredith Tarditi

Meredith Tarditi had just returned from Nicaragua and her young family’s first vacation together and she was under the weather with a headache and fatigue. Her body was still adjusting to life after pregnancy, juggling a job, her infant daughter Sarah, and the rest of a full life – of course she was feeling run down. Read More