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Available Volunteer Positions

The volunteer program at Jefferson Lansdale Hospital is a progress-based program, which has the ability to begin as early as age 18. Volunteers are placed according to age as well as experience and maturity level. Please note there may be a waiting list for weekend positions.

To successfully progress through the program, there are a number of factors to be considered, including adherence to a consistent weekly commitment for a minimum of six months. Volunteers are individually assessed to determine their progression through the program.

Teen volunteers should anticipate one of the first roles to be assigned would be at the main reception desk, the Gift Shop, or working alongside staff in Nutrition/Café, depending upon availability. As volunteers progress through the program, additional clerical and/or inventory management assistance may be assigned.

Our hospital offers multiple avenues of patient interaction, including roles in the Emergency Department, on our Nursing Units, and in our Transport Department. There may also be opportunity for volunteers to train as Patient Care Ambassadors, which includes carrying out program interventions at the patient’s bedside. These interventions include rounding on patients, daily visitations, and feeding assistance. These programs require additional training and a substantial level of maturity.

Our hospital also encourages those with a Reiki level 1 or higher certificate to inquire about potential volunteer opportunities. Reiki, often translated as ‘universal life force energy’, is a practice that helps restore balance to the body and soul. Jefferson Health – Abington offers Reiki level 1 training at a discounted rate for employees and volunteers.

For students interested in obtaining credit hours for school based programs: Jefferson Lansdale Hospital must have a current affiliation agreement with your enrolled school before you can be placed in our program. All applicants are coordinated through the Volunteer Department. Jefferson Health – Abington does not offer shadowing experiences; however, in limited cases, clinicians are permitted to request individual students. Clinicians interested in supervising a select student should contact the Volunteer Department for details on the requirements and procedures.

Jefferson Lansdale Hospital has an active animal assisted therapy program (PAWS). This program gives patients the opportunity to interact safely with the dogs, may help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and provide a soothing presence for hospital patients, in the hopes of making the hospital environment more comfortable and less stressful. To become a pet therapy volunteer, you must be 18 years or older, and your dog must be at least 1 year old. We require that all therapy dogs and handlers have a current registration with Pet Partners, Therapy Dogs International, Alliance of Therapy Dogs, or Comfort Caring Canines. If your dog is not a registered therapy dog with one of these groups, there are links and contact information for them at the bottom of this page. All dog volunteers are required to have current vaccinations and rabies boosters.

Accepted therapy dog registries:

Therapy Dogs International
88 Bartly Road
Flanders, NJ 07836

Pet Partners
875 124th Ave. NE, Suite 101
Bellevue, WA 98005

Alliance of Therapy Dogs
P.O. Box 20227
Cheyenne, WY 82003

Comfort Caring Canines
8135 Lare St.
Philadelphia, PA 19128

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Volunteering at Jefferson Lansdale Hospital

  • Available Volunteer Positions