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My AMH Story Masthead

Toni Wilson


My father has been a life long AMH patient. When my father had his stroke in 2010, the AMH team put in their full effort into saving my father's life. I believe that if it had not been for the AMH team my father would not have the results he has come out with. If you were to see my father today you would not believe he had a stroke. He also comes here for all of his other healthcare needs. The AMH team now knows my father on a first name basis. He even jokes around and says that he should start paying rent here because he feels that he spends most of his time here lol. Not only does my father come here for all his healthcare needs but myself and my mother come to AMH for all of our healthcare needs as well. I really would like to thank the AMH team for their compassion and patience they have shown my family and other patients throughout the years.