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Sol Eskin


I’m 101 years old, and my AMH memories go back to the fifties when I worked for a paint manufacturer. We were the first company to have a washable, flat paint and the hospital purchased our paint.

Years later, in 1997, I applied for and received a volunteer position at the hospital after my wonderful wife, Beatrice, passed away. She was beautiful on the inside and out and we had a very happy marriage. Being a volunteer helped to keep me busy and active and it was right up my alley, because I love being around people.

When I started volunteering, my nephew David was chief of staff, so everyone at the hospital called me “Uncle Sol.” My first volunteer position took me all over the hospital, collecting medical records, visiting patients and other jobs. Then, I became a Greeter, giving directions to help people get where they need to go in the hospital. -- I love to laugh, and I’ve shared a punch-line or two in my time at AMH. I’m glad my friends at the hospital appreciated my sense of humor, especially since I told them that Greeter was the perfect job for me, because I love telling people where to go!

I am blessed, not only with longevity, but I also have my mental capacity. I’m thankful for these blessings, and volunteering allowed me to help other people; though I got just as much out of volunteering as I gave. My feelings for Abington Memorial Hospital are nothing but the best and I loved volunteering there!

David Eskin, MDWhen I started as an AMH volunteer in 1987, my nephew David Eskin, M.D., was chief of staff. Here’s a photo from his early days as chief of staff, a position he held from 1986 to 2004. One of my brothers, David’s uncle, was a physician. David admired him very much, which I think influenced his decision to become a physician.

Sol Eskin

Sol Eskin, affectionately known around the hospital as “Uncle Sol.”