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Patty Huntowski


I started Xray school in August of 1982. We started with a class of 12 and graduated in 1984, with a class of 8. The program was 24 months straight through. I think the school cost $120.00. The reason I remember that, is my books cost more than the school, $311.00. We also received a stipend of $50.00/week or every 2 weeks, I can't remember. We also had to take classes at Penn State Ogontz, now called Penn State Abington. 

It was the start of a long career in the medical field. When I got out of Xray school, there were no jobs, and I landed in a Dr office, then to Jeanes Hospital and Fox Chase Cancer Center. Then in 1993 I came back to Abington, in the CatScan department, and just recently celebrated my 20 year anniversary at Abington. 

There have been many changes in 20 years, but all in all, there is no other place I'd rather be!

Patty Huntowski Class Picture