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Michelle Brown


Our Abington story starts with Abington Perinatal Associates with care they gave us while I was pregnant with our triplet girls, especially Dr. Stephen Smith. I met him when I was 10 weeks pregnant and met the three other doctors named Dr. Richard Latta, Dr. Frank Craparo and Dr. Marc Rosenn. Until 31 weeks and six days when I had preeclampsia. The doctors were watching me closely starting at 14 weeks because I was showing early signs of preeclampsia in my blood work. My daughters were delivered by Dr. Stephen Smith who was the first doctor we met and he was the doctor I wanted to deliver the girls.

After that, Abington touched our hearts by the wonderful staff in the NICU. Our daughters Mikalah Rose (Baby A) weighed 3lbs 9oz, Mckenzie Brooke (Baby B) weighed 3lbs 4oz and Madilyn Grace (Baby C) weighed 2lbs 15oz. They were born on October 16, 2010. They spent five weeks in the NICU learning how to drink from a bottle and gain weight. During that time, the NICU staff treated my husband and I like family. One of their main nurses during the night was Josephine. The other nurses used to say they had to fight her to get the girls. I would come into the NICU every 12 hours for feedings. I ended up coming in during both shift changes. The nurses used to joke with me asking if I ever slept. But the good thing is when it was time for the girls to come home no one was worried about the girls. They knew we were ready for them and we were. The NICU staff had us well-prepared to handle them and when my husband went back to work I was able to handle everything on my own.

Thank you Abington for everything you did for my daughters and my care during my pregnancy. You have touched our hearts more than you will ever know!

Sesame 2013