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Michele Walker

Clinical Resource Nurse

I am a clinical resource nurse who has practiced in the Pediatrics Department at Abington Memorial Hospital (AMH) since 2006.

My journey into nursing started during my first year of business school at Villanova, when my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. I saw the impact the nurses who cared for him had on people’s lives, switched my major and found myself in nursing school. It was during a rotation at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) that I realized pediatrics was the area for me. In 1996, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in nursing from Villanova, passed boards and was hired at CHOP where I worked for ten years before coming to Abington.

I’ve always felt valuable at AMH, and I cannot see myself going anywhere else to practice. Even though I’m not in direct patient contact at this point in my career, I still feel I have an important job in educating the nurses on my unit. I am part of an incredible team of nurses who are self-governing and have shared decision making within our department. Our voices are truly heard, which is a great feeling.

I’m working on my master’s degree in education from Walden University. When I look into the near and distant future, I see myself at Abington, continuing on our Magnet journey and taking part in patient safety initiatives. I make a difference here and I am proud to be an Abington nurse.