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Karolina Pietsch


I worked at Abington Memorial Hospital from 1967 to 2004 – nearly 38 years. I started working weekends as a licensed practical nurse when my children were little, serving in pediatrics, intensive care and med-surg.

In 1971, I moved to the Emergency Room and was terrified, but it grew on me and I came to love it, working there until 2004. I had my third child in 1972 and my fourth in 1975. During those years I worked part-time and on-call. The hospital has always been well-managed with great administration. I loved Mr. Jones, the hospital president.

In the eighties, when the ER moved to the Widener Building, we had so much room that I lost five pounds from all of the walking. In the nineties, we moved the Emergency Trauma Center to the Toll Pavilion, and I served as a tour guide for the open house. I retired before the Lenfest Pavilion opened, but went on the tour.

Karolina PietschI received my RN degree from Gwynedd Mercy College in 1982. I was the first emergency room nurse at AMH to earn the certified emergency nurse (CEN) credential. Now it is required of all nurses who work in the Emergency Trauma Center. I thank God that I followed my instincts, furthering my education and growing professionally, because I had my career when my husband passed away in 1991. The hospital staff and management were very good to me and a great comfort when he died.

I love Abington Memorial Hospital, and it has always felt like my home away from home. I still keep in touch with former co-workers.

Karolina Pietsch

Here’s a photo of me working in the Emergency Room. I am known around the hospital as one of the last nurses there to wear a cap. I was proud to wear it. For me, I think my nursing cap represented my idealism. I wore my cap until 1991, the year my husband died. I was so sad when he passed away, I stopped wearing it.