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James Vandegrift


I’ve lived in the area for most of my life and Abington Memorial Hospital has always been there for me. My long history with Abington began in 1932 when I had inner ear surgery when I was just seven years old. In 1936, my appendix burst and the surgeons at Abington removed the harmful poison from my body.

In 1943, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in India, Georgia, Texas, Massachusetts and New Jersey. When the war ended, I returned to Willow Grove, where I got married and raised my children, James and Joanne, who were both born at Abington.

Years later, I was back at Abington for gallbladder surgery, and in 2000, I received treatment for prostate cancer. In 2004, I had an abdominal aortic aneurysm repaired and surgery following a heart attack in 2010.

In my 88 years, I’ve had experience with many of the departments, nurses and other employees at Abington. The doctors have saved my life many times and I will be forever grateful. There was never a question of where to go when I or my family was in need of medical care - it was always Abington Hospital.

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James Vandegrift