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Denise Dillon-Keyser

Patient, Employee, Volunteer, Visitor/Family Member of Patient

I have run the gamut of relationships with AMH. I began as a candy striper in 1985. It was a great experience and nurtured my love of science and healthcare. I then was a family member of a patient. I watched my mother be lovingly cared for by the wonderful nurses in the ICU and Oncology floors. I then became a nurse, and where was my first nursing job? Why, Abington of course! I loved that job and it still holds wonderful memories of the camaraderie that the staff has. Then, as I was deciding to become a mother, I traveled over an hour to make sure my children were born at Abington. Again, what a wonderful experience. I could not be more proud to say that I am, in many ways, a product of Abington Memorial Hospital!