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Dawn Lowenstein


Dawn LowensteinActually, I had given an earlier story about my experiences with Abington Memorial Hospital as a volunteer and I can't say enough about being a part of the Volunteer team! I now have been volunteering for 4 years as of 5/14/2010 and am now aiming for my 3000 hour pin-I have 2600 hours down and 400 more hours to shoot for!

I work in the Cancer Registry each week on Wednesdays and sometimes on Fridays if I am needed for additional work! I'm still an on-call volunteer for TemPower and still assist Jean Kramer and the other volunteers, Carole Molish and Lorraine Keller as needed with clerical work and hospital-wide mailings! I work now in the Nutrition Dept. on Mondays and Thursdays & sometimes Fridays, doing filing, and bagging the baked cookies and the bagels for selling, even putting the assorted cookie dough on the baking sheets to be baked, doing meal cards and gift cards, sorting the bills in alphabetical/date order, doing monthly mailings with the various cost centers!

I could go on and on! In the CA Registry, I file and do monthly CA mailings & do data input as well! Keeping busy for me is a must and the departments I work in give me plenty of work to keep me occupied! I had the pleasure of attending the 100th anniversary celebration on 5/15/14 and really enjoyed it! I had my picture taken with the steeple, and just milled around & purchased a cap, one of those badge holder clips and a jacket with the 100th anniversary logo! Earlier, I'd purchased a mug and one of the blankets with the logo as well! They'll be keepsakes for me to remember! All in all, the Volunteer program has been such a positive and rewarding experience for me!

Dawn E. Lowenstein

Dawn Lowenstein with Steeple