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Cecilia Elaine Turner

Patient, Volunteer and Employee

Cecilia Elaine Turner - Baby

An early photo of me.

I grew up in the Abington area, viewing Abington Memorial Hospital as one of the pillar organizations of our community serving as a source of health care, education and employment.

I was born at AMH, and have welcomed a daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren into the world there. I remember bringing my mother to the emergency room years ago when it was in the Widener Building and, more recently, one of my loved ones passed away in the AMH Hospice. The care provided was outstanding, and the facility was impressive and comfortable with soothing music, soft lighting and enough space for our family to comfortably gather.

As a child, many family friends were employed at the hospital in departments including Laundry, Nutrition, and the Pharmacy, where our neighbor in Crestmont, the late Alonzo Sudler, served as director from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Alonzo Sudler

In addition to his position
as the AMHpharmacist,
Alonzo Sudler worked at
the local pharmacy
where, as a child, I
would sometimes visit to
pick up prescriptions for
my mother. I was too
small to open the
pharmacy door, so he
would open the door to let
me in. He nicknamed me
“Vitamin Pill.”

Mentors in the community modeled the value of giving back. Many have followed in their footsteps and have enjoyed being a part of the tapestry of giving that makes Abington such a wonderful place to live, giving their support to organizations such as the Abington School District (where I taught for 32 years before retiring in 1997); Abington Police Department; Abington YMCA; and, of course, Abington Memorial Hospital.

I began volunteering in the hospital in Short Procedures in 2002, the same year joining the Helen O. Dickens Auxiliary of the Abington Health Foundation (AHF) Women’s Board and later that year became an employee of the Radiology Department and a member of the Women’s Board in 2010.

The dedication of the hospital’s employees, volunteers and auxiliaries, and the limitless efforts put forth by the members of the Women’s Board is truly inspiring. As a patient, volunteer and employee, I am proud to be a part of the AMH family and grateful to all who give of their talents and time to make our hospital great and our community such a wonderful place to live.


(Note: Abington Memorial Hospital would like to thank Cecilia Elaine Turner for sharing her AMH story with us. She has served in many leadership roles, including chair of the Dickens Auxiliary 2008 - 2012, chair of the Nurses’ Scholarship Luncheon in 2011 and June Fete Chair in 2012.)

Cecilia Elaine Turner

Cecilia Elaine Turner

Dickens Auxiliary Founding Photo

Here’s an early photo of the Helen O. Dickens Auxiliary of the Abington Health Foundation (AHF) Women’s Board.  We now have 117 members.  Named in honor of Helen O. Dickens, M.D., noted African American physician known for her dedication to medicine, the auxiliary affords African American women the opportunity to support and be involved with AMH.  My former neighbor and childhood mentor Winnifred Sudler is also a member.  We provide scholarships to the AMH Dixon School of Nursing in an effort to encourage and attract African American students to pursue nursing careers at AMH, and support many other hospital-related activities.