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Antonia Marino

Retiree, centenarian


I was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy in 1914, and I’m 100 years old. When I saw that Abington Memorial Hospital was turning 100, I thought, “That’s my age!”

At age 16, I married with my parent’s consent, left my family in Italy and came with my husband to America to start a new life in Abington, PA, in the middle of the depression. I spoke no English. We rented for a while, then in 1932, purchased the home on Horace Avenue where I have lived in for almost 82 years – right up the street from the hospital. It was a beautiful street, and everyone was very proud of their houses and flowers.

Antonia Marino Sewing

Busy at work.

I had my first child at age 18, a daughter, and a second daughter the following year. I lost two sons, one at birth and another at three months. Later, we had another boy and a girl. My first babies were born at home, and three were born at Abington Hospital. When my baby daughter had polio at six months old, she spent 27 days at the hospital.

When my children started first grade, I began to teach myself to read and write English. In my later years, I worked as a local seamstress, and ended up at the hospital, where I worked in the sewing room. We shortened sleeves on the doctor’s lab coats, repaired linens and put snaps on gowns.

Antonia Marino and Mrs Carr (standing)

Here I am with my boss at AMH
Mrs. Carr (standing).

While most of my memories of working at AMH were happy, it was a very sad time when the hospital president Mr. Richard Brechbiel and his wife were killed when a deer hit their car. He was a nice man, and we were all heartbroken.

I worked at AMH until I retired at age 72. I really liked my boss Mrs. Carr. I also enjoyed lunches with my co-workers and employee dinners at the Williamson Restaurant. Happy 100th birthday AMH!

Antonia Marino - Younger Years

My younger years.