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Ann S. Ehrmann


I started at AMH in 1949, at the age of 19. I worked in the department of Administration under the guidance and direction of Morris George and Ruth Raisley. It was a wonderful experience to see the vision and the growth of the hospital that we called home.

I worked in administration over the course of 23 years; I left after I married in 1953, had three children and returned back to administration in 1956 to continue until 1976. I left, but my heart, soul and life was always AMH.

I returned again to AMH but there wasn't an opening in administration, so I went to work in the social service department. It was an adjustment, but I enjoyed working with the patients and the public. I worked in that department for 20 years before retiring.

Looking back over the years in my mind, I can truly say there was the sense of family - everyone knew each other and we all looked out for one another. To see the vision of the small town hospital then and how it developed and grew over the years is remarkable. I can say with a smile that I was part of this dream. Over the years I have remained friends with a lot of past employees and continue to keep in touch with them, whether it be a phone call, a celebration of Ruth Raisley's 100 birthday or a note on Facebook, we are still connected by the bond that we shared at AMH.

It is with great pride and joy that I am able to remember and see how great AMH has become. I will always cherish the life that I spent there with a great executive team, the staff, my coworkers and the public that called AMH home. On behalf of myself and my family I am proud to say "Happy Birthday AMH and may you continue to grow and prosper."

Ann S. Ehrmann

Ann S. Ehrmann