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Alma Carson


I was hired by Abington Memorial Hospital as a part-time, night shift, switchboard operator in 1998 when I was 72. Later, the hospital asked me to consider a full-time position, which I accepted and remained an AMH employee for 11 years before retiring at age 83.

I made great friends and have many memories of AMH, and a couple of experiences stand out in my mind. In my earliest days as an AMH employee, I was having trouble getting a stapler to work. I saw a man passing by the switchboard office and I called out to ask if he could come in to help me unjam the stapler. He came right over to help me, and that’s when I found out he was the hospital president at the time, Richard Jones. As he was trying to fix the stapler, he said, “This must be from the 1920s.” I remember laughing and joking with him that I was also from the 1920s, since that’s when I was born.

Another time, about four years ago, there was a bad snow storm and I got stuck three times trying to get up a hill. A few men stopped to help and told me to turn back because even buses weren’t getting through. I decided to give it one more try. Praying and pushing the gas pedal, I made it up the hill with God’s help. I don’t think anyone expected me to drive in to work in the storm at my age, but I made it – and then I was snowed in at the hospital for two days. The first night, I slept in a patient room, getting up and working the next day. My hospital co-workers took good care of me, bringing me breakfast, lunch and dinner. The second night, I still wasn’t ready to go home, so I slept on a couch in the nurses’ lounge.

I will always treasure my AMH memories and the great friends I made over the years.

Alma Carson

Here's a photo of me picking up the phone and having some fun during a recent visit with former co-workers at AMH (January 2014).