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Clinical Trials for Gynecologic Cancers

Dr. Mark Shahin, director of the Hanjani Institute for Gynecologic Oncology at Abington Hospital, and Nurse Navigator Jennifer Cacciatore, RN discuss the importance of clinical trials while introducing the Sherri S. Gendelman Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research. Support ovarian cancer research at the Hanjani Institute.

We offer our patients access to a wide array of clinical trials for uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and other gynecologic cancers. Our physicians are primary principal investigators for the Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG) of the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

This active participation in investigative medicine enables our patients to take part in studies of promising new advances while remaining close to home, family and work.

Patients enrolled in gynecologic cancer clinical trials receive expert coordination and care from our clinical research team.

Types of Clinical Trials

We participate in many GOG-NCI clinical trials as well as others. An average of 40 clinical trials for gynecologic cancers may be in progress here at any given time. These trials are designed by our physicians or conducted in collaboration with other institutions and industry.

This research aims to advance knowledge and treatment options, including: chemotherapy to make cancer more responsive to radiation; biologic ways to stimulate the immune system to fight cancer; agents to stop cancer growth by blocking blood-vessel formation; newly developed vaccines for use after a second remission.

Clinical Research Team

The professionals on our clinical research team manage all aspects of cancer treatment for patients participating in clinical trials. Our director of clinical research, a Ph.D. nurse practitioner, works with a team of three specialized oncology research nurses to provide the finest care, with an emphasis on quality of life.

Enrolling in Clinical Trials

For information about open clinical trials and your eligibility to participate, contact the gynecologic cancer nurse navigators, Jennifer Cacciatore, RN, Ashley Douglas, RN, and Jimmy McCann, RN, at 215-885-0220.

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Gynecologic Cancers