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By destroying cancer cells throughout the body, chemotherapy helps keep cancer from spreading. Our medical oncologists and hematologists evaluate each patient, plan treatment and manage the administration of chemotherapy.

They also provide opportunities for patients to enroll in clinical trials and receive new treatments sooner.

Preparing for Chemotherapy

We educate patients about what to expect during chemotherapy treatment, possible side effects and helpful tips. Attending physicians are accessible 24/7 to help manage side effects. Our specialized nursing staff provides advice and help.

How Chemotherapy is Given

There are many chemotherapy medicines, used either alone or in combination with others. Chemotherapy may be administered: before or after cancer surgery; before, after, or with radiation therapy; on its own, as a primary treatment.

Chemotherapy is received intravenously by infusion or may be taken in liquid, capsule or pill form.

We Focus on Chemotherapy Safety

In the infusion center of the Abington Rosenfeld Cancer Center – Jefferson Health, an extensive quality control system helps ensure safe chemotherapy delivery. Before treatment, a multidisciplinary team of experts evaluates treatment plan appropriateness.

The night before treatment, medical or gynecologic oncologists place chemotherapy orders using embedded order sets. Chemotherapy nurses review each order the next day. Oncology pharmacists review medications, doses and schedules.

When chemotherapy is dispensed to the patient, it is checked by two RNs and administered under direct supervision of the physician and nursing staff. All orders are kept in the clinical system and available for quality review.

Cancer Inpatient Unit

Sometimes cancer patients must be admitted to the hospital. Our dedicated oncology medical/surgical unit in Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health has 27 private rooms, with certified oncology nurses and certified chemotherapy nurses who have advanced education in cancer care. They also provide information and emotional support. The unit has no restrictions on visitors by hour or age.

Blue Distinction Complex and Rare CancersCoC Outstanding Achievement Award 2015

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Fertility Preservation

Before starting any cancer treatment, talk with your oncologist about whether the therapy could affect your fertility. Our reproductive endocrinologists can help.