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Blossoming in Cape May Point

Between June and August of 2008, I lost 1 summer and gained 10 summers!—Mildred Morgan, reflecting upon her surgery for breast cancer

Mildred Morgan

For Mildred G. Morgan, February 2009 was a month filled with momentous occasions. On February 26, 2009, eight months after successful surgery for breast cancer (thank you, Dr. Chris Pezzi!), she celebrated her eighty-fifth birthday. As an emeritus member of the American Entomological Society, and a featured guest speaker, she also celebrated the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the organization she had served as an office manager for 23 years—from ages 52 to 75. From Mildred's perspective, her greatest challenge during those years was the successful conversion of a manual system to a computerized system. Now, as June 2009 approaches, and she contemplates the one-year anniversary of her surgery, Mildred looks forward to new adventures. "I feel great!" she says.

Mildred is extremely appreciative of the excellent care she received at Abington Memorial Hospital. Her son Ralph Morgan, an Abington Memorial Hospital nurse anesthetist, led the way, and, in her words, Christopher Pezzi, MD, director of oncologic surgery at AMH and the surgeon who performed her lumpectomy; Scott Herbert, MD, chief, radiation oncology; and Mark Sundermeyer, MD, oncologist, "gave me excellent care and made me feel at ease, confident and comfortable. Plus... Abington's car service to treatment was punctual, courteous and reasonable. They all gave me the chance to live my life and I'm enjoying every minute!"

Today, Mildred's life in Cape May Point is—in a word—blossoming. An award-winning gardener and naturalist, she is a valued member of the Cape May Point Environmental Commission. Mildred's beautiful garden attracts international visitors, and has been designated a wildlife sanctuary for migrating birds, butterflies and wildlife by the Cape May Stopover Protection Project. Her Cape May Point Civic Association awards include First Prize for Annuals and Perennials, a massive planting of giant sized cosmos, zinnias and wild flowers for all around this corner lot and Second Prize for turning a front yard into a mass of summer blooming wildflowers combined with shrubs that provide food for migrating birds and butterflies.

Mildred's family includes son Ralph and his wife, Claire; daughter Patricia, a special educator and her husband Christopher; and daughter Karen, a computer specialist. She is the very proud grandmother of David, Andrew, Kyle, Morgan, Tara and Brett. Encouraged by a loving, caring family, Mildred thrives in her beautiful community.

The moral of this story is...You're never too old for good health! An ardent supporter of yearly mammograms—"essential," she says, "to good health and preventive medicine," Mildred thinks often of Dr. Pezzi's optimistic words: "Mrs. Morgan, I'll get you to 100!"


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